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Sharing the World Sisterhood III – Leadership Conference 2009 | Seeking Philanthropic Grantmakers | Seed | Grants-in-aid | Gift | Tax-deductible Contributions

From the Washington Business Examiner
by Donna L. Quesinberry

RE: FUTURE Sharing the World Sisterhood III – 2009 Leadership Conference

FUTURE (Families United Toward Universal Respect) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) that supports women in developing third world countries and teaches them a strong organizational model based on volunteerism that promotes self-reliance, networking and family unity. FUTURE educates women in establishment, sustainment, and independent growth of volunteer networks in their home countries. FUTURE is assisting “Women for FUTURE – Iraq” implement the FUTURE model in their country. All aspects of FUTURE are non-political and non-religious. FUTURE requested DonnaInk provide grant activity by contacting foundations, corporations, independent contributors, and government representatives to seek private, corporate, or philanthropic seed offerings | grants-in-aid | gifts or other tax-deductible contributions.

The third annual “Sharing the World Sisterhood III – Leadership Conference,” scheduled for fall 2009, is focused on women leadership. To further unity, goodwill, and cohesiveness that “Women for FUTURE – Iraq” program has achieved thus far, the Sharing the World Sisterhood III – Leadership Conference will facilitate these Iraqi woman participants (referred to as delegates) that represent the FUTURE Organizational Model in Iraq. The conference will further leadership training, education, and cultural goodwill highlighting in-country service projects and the arts (through exhibitions taking place in three cities). As entrepreneurs, these small- and micro-business-women that are developing non-governmental organization (NGO) partnerships demonstrate proactive outcomes derived from volunteerism, humanitarianism, and worldview benevolence extended each year through contribution to this program, which is based solely on volunteerism.

To this date, FUTURE’s Founders and personnel have not received any income while extending their vision to women in these developing nations. Ms. Charlotte M. (Charlie) Ponticelli, former Deputy Under Secretary for International Labor Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor; State Department’s Senior Coordinator for International Women’s Issues; Senior Advisor for State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration; Director of Human Rights in State’s Bureau for International Organization Affairs; Congressional Liaison for Latin America and the Caribbean at the U.S. Agency for International Development; and Director of Congressional Correspondence in the Legislative Affairs Office of the White House; Commissioner Assistant at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights; and Ms. Jan Garbett, Chairman of the Education Committee for Communities for Decency; Communications Director for United Families Utah; and Boardmember of Salt Lake Choral Artists serve on the FUTURE Board of Directors.

Sharing the World of Sisterhood is funded through gifts, offerings, and contributions in order to accommodate transportation, food, and lodging each year; and we need of your assistance. An immediate need of $70,000.00 is required to complete transportation arrangements. The deadline for this money is the first week of July 2009 and we realize this is an accelerated schedule; however, we work through the miracles of “human spirit.” An additional $92,000.00 is needed by the October 2009 deadline to provide conference events with accommodations. There will be a three city “Healing Fields” conducted this year through FUTURE’s “Hugs for Healing” program. This is being funded through benefactors as well as local and state aid. Due to the nature of this conference and the role of women in Iraq – security protocols are in place to ensure the safety of the brave Iraqi women who are forging a new path of development within their country. Therefore, we cannot disclose conference itinerary without further communication and if you would like to attend the conference we will be happy to discuss how this can occur.

Success stories through FUTURE are many. The FUTURE Organizational Model works. We offer this opportunity to you to provide assistance via tax deductible contribution. Take a moment to lend us your hand toward Sharing the World Sisterhood III Leadership Conference and “Women for FUTURE- Iraq.” We want to extend our sincere gratitude to you in advance for your consideration receiving and reviewing this e-letter of inquiry and request for charitable aid.
A daunting task lies ahead of us to achieve these immediate goals so that the “Women for FUTURE-Iraq” delegates can attend this year’s conference. We believe you will see the vision that is FUTURE and the worthwhile humanitarianism we proffer.

~Donna L. Quesinberry
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