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World Class Customer Service in Government

The biggest brands in the world have one thing in common – they understand the value of customer service and have found unique ways to make it a core part of their business. How can we do the same in local government? Let’s learn from the top brands we’ve picked out. “Everyone should work in… Read more »

Move Over Amazon, There’s a New Customer Service Expert In Town, Gov!

Young Government Leaders (YGL) and GovLoop present the NextGen Public Service Awards for superior public service and achievement. The 4th Annual NextGen Public Service Awards will be given at the 2014 NextGen Award’s Ceremony, which will kick off the NextGen Training Summit on July 23rd in Washington, DC. We have 18 finalists in six different… Read more »

Is Twitter the Right Channel for Responding to Customer Service Questions in the U.K.?

While social media has the potential to be a great add-on tool for customer service (communicating with the public through Twitter opens up possibilities for immediate interactions) most U.K. organisations are not using Twitter for direct stakeholder interactions. In fact, even though the majority of U.K. organisations have a Twitter account, only about a third… Read more »

11 Things A Public Sector Social Customer Services Should Have

It’s always good to see slow burning success… and even more so when it comes for people who has worked hard on it. John Fox spent a fair chunk of time at Sheffield City Council on a range of projects and working to get customer services engaged with the social web was one. I helped… Read more »

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2014 Customer Service Culture

Business leaders have to create an environment that motivates employees to want to take care of customers. A strong company culture is now one of the key criteria for employees when choosing where they want to work. Once employees join your organization, your company culture will have a direct impact on how they work for… Read more »

The First Rule of the Government Customer Service Game: Steal the Citizen’s Playbook

Is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning excellent because he has natural talent or because he works hard? While the answer is probably a bit of both, the truth is that Manning just works smarter. Consider this excerpt from an article that illustrates Manning’s game preparation: Most great quarterbacks are remembered for how they play the… Read more »

The Future of Government Customer Service: 4 Trends to Watch

For GovLoop’s Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service, we asked more than 250 respondents to give us their opinion on customer service in government today and their predictions regarding its future. The guide explores the results from our survey in more detail, but for a sneak peek, see the highlights below. Basic Facts:… Read more »

Top 5 Customer Service Tips: Lessons From Philadelphia

In GovLoop’s Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service, we provide you with tips and best practices for improving customer service in government. To unearth some of these recommendations, we interviewed Rosetta Carrington Lue, the chief customer service officer for the city of Philadelphia. Lue, over the past couple of years, has implemented three… Read more »

Surprises in Customer Service

Focus on Your Customers – they are the very reason you exist! It is with that thought in mind that I wanted to share a brief article written by Stacia Aylward, CEO of Zelos, LLC. in addition to the link to the new “GovLoop Agency of the Future Guide: Customer Service, Closing the Gap Between… Read more »

Customer Service, Closing the Gap Between Citizens and Officials

Customer service in government is undergoing a transformation as technology and social media make it increasingly possible for citizens and government officials to engage with each other around the clock. GovLoop’s latest Agency of the Future guide walks you through this transformation, highlighting the customer service trends of today and the direction of customer service… Read more »