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A New Wave of Federal Customer Service

The customer is always right. Right? Well, that may not always be correct, but it is a good rule of thumb to follow. However, I think most of us tend to associate this golden rule with the private sector. But now, there seems to be more of a push from the public sector to better… Read more »

5 Ways Phone Systems Can Improve Customer Service

The interaction your customers have with your company directly impacts your bottom line. Think about it. Have you ever had a bad experience with a company, whether on the phone or in person? What did that do for your feelings towards that company? Did you stop being loyal to them? Most people do, which is… Read more »

Reviewing Government Customer Service

Usually, when we hear the word ‘customer’, we think of patrons of for-profit businesses that provide services, ranging from Walmart, to small local coffee shops, all the way to Bain & Co. However, the U.S. government has customers as well – they’re just not often referred to as customers, because they compromise the whole population…. Read more »

Tempe Transforms IT Customer Service

Located in southeast corner of Phoenix, Arizona, the city of Tempe is home to Arizona State University – and nearly 170,000 residents. To serve these residents, the city provides critical services such as fire, public works and police. And to help departments meet their missions, a centralized IT team supports city services. Looking to improve… Read more »

Citizen Engagement: How Government is Improving Customer Service

The customer is always right. If you’ve ever worked at any retailer, restaurant, or franchised store, you may have gotten a lecture or two from your manager that included this phrase. And there is definitely truth behind it. Like any good retail establishment, successful government agencies are centered on meeting the needs of the public… Read more »

8 Reasons Customer Service = Success For You and Your Agency

In your mind, good citizen engagement might not be that important. Sure, your agency tweets and engages occasionally online, but its not a focus or a priority. After all, it can’t really affect anything that you’re doing that much, right? Wrong. According to new data from Forrester Research, bad citizen engagement and poor customer service from… Read more »

Using Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) to Provide Better Customer Service

WEBINAR: SERVICE CLOUD – UNDERSTANDING KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT One of the things most of us have experienced is the “newbie” customer service rep. Stuttering, sputtering and robotically reading from a script the rep stumbles through a time sucking call that inevitably ends with you getting disconnected en route to tier two support. Whether it’s calling a… Read more »

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Customer Service Design Thinking

To improve how government delivers customer service, agencies must understand how customer experiences work, how expectations are set and met, and how experiences are perceived and remembered. During the NextGen design thinking workshop, Molly Moran, Executive Secretariat’s Research and Design Center, State Department explained how the foundations for how meaningful and valuable experiences are defined,… Read more »

Customer Service: Take the Extra Step

Today I e-mailed J., one of the interns in our office, to ask where on our shared drive a certain report was stored. He responded and told me what folder to find it in, but he also attached the latest version of the report to his e-mail. J. showed that he’s already learned something that… Read more »

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World Class Customer Service in Government

The biggest brands in the world have one thing in common – they understand the value of customer service and have found unique ways to make it a core part of their business. How can we do the same in local government? Let’s learn from the top brands we’ve picked out. “Everyone should work in… Read more »