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Changing Washington: Obama’s First 100 Days

On his first day in office, President Obama began acting on his campaign promise to “change the way Washington does business.” His first directive to agencies articulated a set of principles of how he wants the government to do its business: more transparency in how government does it work, more citizen participation via the Internet,Read… Read more »

AGILE WORKFLOW INTEGRATION – Best Practices in Workflow, Records Management, eFOIA and Government Forms Processing

Webinar Information: FREE WEBINAR DATE: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 TIME: 11:00am EST (Webinar to last approximately 1 hour) WHERE: In the comfort of your own office REGISTRATION: REGISTER NOW INFO: Please direct all inquiries about the Webinar to: [email protected] ==>IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE AN INITIATIVE, Contact: [email protected] What is this webinar about? During this FREERead… Read more »

The Case for Why Social Media Is Essential to Building Effective Transparency (It may be different than you think!)

twitter @kpkfusion This morning I published a simple twitter post that circulated quickly. The post was inspired by a Washington Post article on the Johnstown Pa airport. According to the Post article, the airport, though slightly used, became one of the first recipients of stimulus funds and has now received over 200M of federal moneyRead… Read more »

Biggest Losers in Space?

H.R. 1962 We, the United States of America, cannot afford to become the biggest Losers in Space! If we allow the Space Shuttle program to close, for a period of at least 5 years (because programs always over-run) we will be completely dependent on Russia and possibly other nations’ space programs. WE will be sendingRead… Read more »

4 Steps To Building Transparency in “New World” government:

Government is truly entering a “new world” – one where citizen engagement matters. That is what transparency is really about. And that is why distributed transparency is important – it leads to effective engagement that truly builds citizen trust. So how do we achieve distributed or network transparency? In other words how do we dimensionalizeRead… Read more »

What is Transparency? More Than Publication – the Role of Citizen Exchange

Fair to say that Title XV of the Economic Recovery Act requiring transparency has unleashed a tidal wave of pent up energy and justified momentum towards a more open government. The “strings attached” funding provisions ensure that there will be a solid attempt at top down enforcement of transparency for state and local jurisdictions. ButRead… Read more »

Six Practical Steps to Improve Contracting

Contracting issues will be on the front burner of the Obama administration, and the stakes are large. With the passage of the Stimulus Bill, having an effective federal contracting function will be critical to the success of the Bill. While many observers see the current federal contracting system as broken, the seminar participants identified aRead… Read more »

Citizen Networks, The Next Big Thing?

Transparency. Efficiency. Accountability. All are stated goals of federal, state and local government. All are embodied in the Economic Recovery Act. How will they be accomplished? The Old World. In the “old world”, government agencies approach each by building or modifying Web based portals. Government uses these portals as hubs to publish government documents andRead… Read more »

Participative Government: A Historic, Yet Fragile Opportunity.

This week I had an opportunity to speak with Chris Dorobek, well-known host of Federal News Radio. It was an important discussion because, like many, I have been reflecting mightily about how and whether the commitment to a more participative government will succeed, and if so, in what form. Though historic, the opportunity is fragile.Read… Read more »