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With the Right Tools, Could You Be a Data Scientist?

The concept of big data is far from new — but it seems to be an especially hot topic lately. Why that is, and how your agency can find the best tools to utilize your data, was the focus of several sponsor presentations at GovLoop’s latest event, The Big Data Playbook training. Tariq Islam of Oracle focusedRead… Read more »

The Tech Loop: Big Data and March Madness

The Tech Loop is a weekly compilation of the latest happenings in government technology gathered from around the web. This week’s topics include cloud, IoT, cybersecurity, and big data. Cloud 3, 2, 1. Cloud liftoff. It’s been a little over four years since then-federal CIO Vivek Kundra announced a cloud-first policy as part of theRead… Read more »

Space: The Next Data Frontier

The following is a case study from our recent guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government. On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American to enter space. Shepard instantly became a household name, along with the federal agency that sent him there: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Riding NASA’s Freedom 7Read… Read more »

Understanding the Universal Data Platform

The following is an interview with Dr. Greg Gardner, ‎Chief Architect, Government and Defense Solutions at NetApp. To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  With government agencies creating more data than ever before, many organizations are leveraging emerging technologyRead… Read more »

Leadership in Action

With each edition of The Business of Government magazine, my goal is straightforward: to introduce readers to the works, insights, and advice from some of today’s key government executives, who are tackling significant management challenges and seizing opportunities to lead. To complement these examples of leadership in action, I also highlight the practical, actionable research… Read more »

The FY 2016 Budget: Details Worth a Look

The Administration’s FY 2016 budget proposal shows that it is committed to creating capacity and sustainability for performance-and-results based government. It’s all in the details. Beyond the dollars in the President’s budget, there are some details buried in congressional justifications that are worth examining. I think there are three sets of initiatives – that forRead… Read more »

Navigating the People, Process and Technology of Big Data

The following is an interview with Mark A. Johnson, Director, Public Sector Big Data Program at Oracle. To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  Although big data has the potential to radically redefine government operations, organizations still face significantRead… Read more »

Is Big Data the Same as Dirty Data?

Conversations on Big Data is a series of discussions about using analytics in creative and interesting ways that the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government designed to broaden the perspective about quantitative analytics. Wikipedia defines Big Data as “…an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets soRead… Read more »

Unlock New Insights by Breaking Down Old and New Data Siloes

The following is an interview with Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions. To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  With big data and analytics programs, agencies can reveal new insights and improve their decision-making processRead… Read more »

Switching Lanes: Transportation Analytics in the 21st Century

Imagine no sidewalks, horrible conditions of street lighting, and poor weather. Seems like a walk in Washington, D.C. right? Ironically, this is a “wow” moment, because companies like Teradata are able to get new insights, a better understanding of what goes on in transportation and what are the cause and effects of pedestrian fatality. When youRead… Read more »