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19 of the Coolest Government Mobile Apps

There’s pretty much an app for everything these days. And that on-the-go accessibility to the information you need has slowly been creeping into federal and state government over the past few years, driven in part by a presidential memo encouraging a federal digital strategy and contests encouraging app developers to come up with creative newRead… Read more »

6 Free Apps That Help You Gain More Time In The Day

Modern technology can be a total time suck, providing us with hours of distractions and novel ways to procrastinate. But the upside is that technology can help us reclaim that time, too. In my never-ending quest to squeeze more out of every day I’ve been hunting down time-saving productivity apps that help streamline your tasks,Read… Read more »

Let’s Get ‘Appy

Everyone knows that app contests are exciting. Ideas, fueled by caffeine and youthful energy, combined with the prospect of an eventual payday paint a picture that most organizations can’t resist. And for the open government community, it’s even more enticing, since app contest are an opportunity to engage residents in ‘doing good’ by enticing developersRead… Read more »

Teeter-Tottering Between Mobile Security and Innovation

Most playgrounds have some equipment in common: swings, monkey bars, a teeter-totter. I loved teeter-tottering, and every time I’d fly up to the sky, adrenaline would build until I’d fall back to the ground. And reaching that balance point with my teeter-totter partner was the biggest challenge. Finding balance is an important life skill, andRead… Read more »

Only GIS Can Prevent Forest Fires

Esri and GovLoop recently hosted a meetup showcasing how GIS solutions can make it easier than ever before to create online mapping applications. Featured at the event was a case study from Global Forest Watch, which is “a new dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, designed to empower people everywhere to better manage forests.Read… Read more »

Army Tries to Solve Supply Chain Management Problems with Mobile

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: The federal government procurement process has followed the same formula for decades with little adapting to the face-paced, technological demands of today. What does this lack of change mean for the future of the procurement system? A major overhaul, minor tweaking, or staying with the status quo? We discuss a newRead… Read more »