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How to Win Over Opposition and Gain Traction

Overcome opposition and achieve success. Try these 5 tested and tried tips when pitching your idea.

4 Sure Ways to Lose a Government Bid – What NOT to Do When Bidding on Government Contracts

Preparing for and writing a bid proposal can be a long and stressful time for many business owners looking to enter the world of government contracting. With so many details and usually a several people involved in the process it’s easy to make a mistake or two along the way. Here are is a listRead… Read more »

Techniques and News: How to dominate IDIQ’s competition and Minority contracts threats

Before the article… (A couple of announcements you might find useful) Workshop in 1.5 weeks: Foundations of Federal Business Development. September 11, 2012, 9.00am-5:00pm, Rockville, MD. Gain understanding of the Federal Business Development (BD) lifecycle, and learn how to navigate the U.S. Government marketplace, perform strategic BD planning, market analysis, federal marketing, pipeline development, opportunityRead… Read more »

Foundations of Capture Management workshop on September 25-26

Foundations of Capture Management workshop on September 25-26 Foundations of Capture Management workshop will arm you with real knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to capturing contracts. You will master techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, solution development, and more. This is an interactive 2-day workshop that isRead… Read more »

Frontload your cost proposal strategy and raise your Price to Win

It’s a given – price is important. However, price proposals are often prepared at the last minute, without much review, customization, or polishing. But what can we do as proposal managers? Often the best of us resort to continuously checking when the cost proposal will be done, assisting with scheduling cost volume reviews, or simplyRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Criminal Identification Improves in Western States

Several western states have come together to improve their integrated fingerprint databases for a better criminal identification system. The states which participate in the Western Identification Network (WIN), a nonprofit responsible for the program, include; Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The improved system will provide high-definition palm and fingerprint matching.Read… Read more »

Proposals Writing: Solution Development – Win Themes, Management, Risk, Past Performance, Resumes, Technical Volumes

April 28-29, 2011 in North Bethesda, MD This course will offer you techniques, templates, checklists, and opportunities to develop win themes, management sections, risk sections, past performance references, resumes, and technical volumes. This course focuses on solution development, including Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), and explores in detail the type of content that goes into compliant,Read… Read more »

Weaker Sex? Think Again!

Two words: Girl Power. What a great year for women in the workforce. Deloitte has taken great pride in leveraging its WIN program and it’s great to see that women now occupy the majority of professional jobs in the United States. Check out the article below to read more about this great accomplishment. Original linkRead… Read more »

Social Networking: Share Your Thoughts, Win Up To $100

My survey represents a chance to express your opinion of how social media tools serve our workplace. All participants can enter a drawing for a $100, $50 and multiple $10 Amazon gift cards!! You can provide the foundation for measurement of social networking concepts as they relate to individual perception of performance. But your responseRead… Read more »

Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park

Would you rather listen to this article? Here it is Proposal Lessons from an Aerial Forest Adventure Park, read by Olessia. A week ago I invited a very fit and adventurous girlfriend of mine (whom my husband says reminds him of Angelina Jolie) to join me in climbing in the largest aerial forest adventure parkRead… Read more »