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Government Bids : Finding Successful Federal Bidding Opportunities

The country is coming into a restoration stage and it has been expected that the next few years could possibly to experience significant amounts of govt investing and stimulation agreements. This is great information for companies across the country. Major sectors such as security, development the surroundings and technological innovation are quite possibly the mostRead… Read more »

Tips on Bidding for State and Local Government Contracts!

State Government Bids and RFPs are very tough to find. Contrary to the government bodies, that performs most investing in via GSA schedules, state and local bids can be found in an exceedingly nice range of sources throughout the net — on government websites, structure pages, third party contracted web-sites, and newspaper postings. What toRead… Read more »

Government standards support federal vendors in metropolitan DC and the nation

Government standards support federal vendors in metropolitan DC and the nation, Washington DC Government Business Examiner About one-third of metropolitan Washington DC’s economy is involved in or related to the federal government. Generally, the Nation’s Capital and surrounding suburbs are comprised of the following business sectors: Biotech – Washington DC is a biotechnology magnet, whichRead… Read more »

How to Keep Your Government Proposals Customer-Focused – Lessons from a 5-year Old

My 5-year old this morning didn’t want to put on a dress. I guess she had a different outfit in mind… Perhaps a pair of shorts, or a skirt – but not the sun dress with cherries on it that I handed to her. But that’s not what she told me. Instead, she looked atRead… Read more »

10 Tips for Winning Government Contracts and Growing Your Business

I love that it is the official beginning of spring. This winter has been filled with proposal work, and I have had very little time to breathe. Now that it is getting warmer, and I have gotten to take some time off to do fun stuff, I am excited to start blogging a bit moreRead… Read more »

Mastering the Art of ‘Capture’

When my phone rings, and a potential client calls, about 90% of the time the story is the same: we’ve got a Request for Proposal (RFP) in and we need you to help us immediately. I say – great, would be happy to help you. By the way, have you done any capture? I hearRead… Read more »

A System for Proposal Management

Are you a business owner or an executive eager to win government business? Are you new to the Federal market? Have you written proposals that didn’t win? Have you missed great opportunities that appeared custom-fit for your company? Does it seem you’re working harder and harder for minimal results? Or, are you someone who isRead… Read more »