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A few of my notes from the Adobe Government Assembly (or “What I learned from David Plouffe”)

Yesterday, I attended the Adobe Government Assembly at the Reagan building. This was my second #govtassembly. I took 2 1/2 pages of notes from the afternoon keynote by David Plouffe, author of “The Audacity to Win” and Campaign Manager, Obama for President 2008. I thought I’d put some of my notes here so that youRead… Read more »

Social Media Is For Complainers (But Should Not Be)

In the political world there is a fascinating trend. Those who complain tend to use social media the most effectively. By those who complain I mean those who are NOT in power: 1. Barack Obama (the candidate, NOT the president). He used social media to engage and empower the masses unlike any modern presidential candidateRead… Read more »

What Do Lunch Trays, Mosquito Nets and Mountain Climbing Have in Common?

These were three of the thousands of projects funded and made possible through Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA)-supported charities. The more than 4,000 charities supported by the campaign reach out to help people in our neighborhoods, across the nation and around the world. From funding a project that introduces reusable lunchRead… Read more »

Why Political Campaigns Need a New Media Director – Social Media Use Beats $ in Newark, NJ Election

A Campaign Reaches All Its Constituents – Smart Use of Social Media Works in Campaigns Stephanie Noble acted as the Director of Social Media Outreach to the understaffed and underfunded Darrin Sharif for Newark, New Jersey Central Ward Council political campaign. The goal was to effectively reach a diverse constituency via social media to battleRead… Read more »

Skiing, Water Parks, Dating and Politics (Three Ways To Engage Your Online Community)

You might ask what does Skiing, Water Parks, Dating and Politics have in common. The answer… Social Media! I would like to begin by providing a shout out to a company that gets it! Vermont’s Jay Peak Resort was named to the Top 10 North American Ski Resorts Utilizing Social Media. Here’s a great exampleRead… Read more »

Say it in a Word Cloud! Visualizing Large Documents

What does the Defense Information Systems Agency Campaign Plan say about DISA? The surface of the ocean may seem static with only the ripples of waves on its surface, but underneath it is teeming with life and large currents acting like enormous rivers circulating and pulsing throughout. If our ocean was in the form ofRead… Read more »

Great Ideas to Build Momentum for Next Year’s CFC

Here are some lessons learned from this year’s record-breaking Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) to advance your planning for the 2010 CFCNCA: 1. Schedule a post-campaign debrief with your department and agency leaders. Learn what sparks their enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to tell them how much their efforts affect the successRead… Read more »

To the Federal Donors in the National Capital Area: THANK YOU!

Total pledges were up more than 5 percent in 2009, exceeding 2008 contributions by $3.3 million. Federal employees also exceeded the 2009 campaign goal of $64 million by $2 million. The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all the generous Federal employees who madeRead… Read more »

CFCNCA Campaign Contest Judging Takes Place

Judging for the 2009 Campaign Contest was held on Tuesday, January 26 at the CFCNCA offices. A panel consisting of Campaign Managers, former Loaned Executives and others reviewed over 175 entries in categories that ranged from “Best Special Event” to “Most Innovative Campaign Technique.” The CFCNCA contest rewards specific creative efforts that happen during theRead… Read more »

CFCNCA Hits the $62 Million Mark

There is still time to help those who need it the most. The CFCNCA supports more than 4,000 approved local, national and international charities that reach out to millions of people with life-saving, life-enriching services. Use the online charity search to find CFC-supported agencies that may interest you. The CFCNCA ends on January 15, 2010Read… Read more »