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10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful

by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing Several weeks ago I participated as a panelist at two events for government marketing professionals. At both the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, and the GovMark Council‘s panel on Life After Tradeshows Part II, much of the conversation focused on how marketers were dealing with decreased attendance from government attendees atRead… Read more »

A New Scandal Brewing at IRS – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Last March the Office of Management and Budget unveiled PortfolioStat. The goal was simple, help agencies save time, money and resources by giving them a tool to asses their portfolio management process. We talk to OMB’s Andrew McMahon about how PortfolioStat is going one year later. The SEVEN stories that impactRead… Read more »

Budget Cuts and Cancelled Conferences – GSA’s Expo is Gone for Now

Budget cuts, scandals and travel restrictions have caused the General Service Administration to cancel their 2013 Expo. “It is the first time in almost 20 years that GSA has put on the Expo that they have decided to cancel it. Even in 2012 when the agency was racked by conference related scandal, they moved forwardRead… Read more »

Government Conferences Attacked: Is the Solution Virtual?

As you know, government conferences are under fire. Two officials have now resigned from the VA owing to excessive expenditures, rules are being tightened, and budgets are shrinking. So what is the future of government conferencing? Are they still necessary for the good of government? Yes says Theo Mayer. But in a different form. MayerRead… Read more »

Government Conferences: What’s Next? – A FREE Web Event, Feb 7.

The ability to conduct vitally important government conferences has come under fire in the past year. Malfeasance by a small minority of government employees and a need to shrink government spending both contributed to severe limitations on conference participation by government agencies. While conference budgets shrink, the need to communicate with stakeholders and constituents hasRead… Read more »

Post Conference-Gate – Why Government’s Not Going

With shrinking budgets and fewer resources to support mission goals, federal government decision makers and influencers plan on attending fewer events this year. Market Connections polled 400 feds about their plans to attend conferences in FY 2012. And the results were bleak for contractors. Lisa Dezzutti is the President of Market Connections. She told ChrisRead… Read more »

7 Ways to Make Government Conferences Great Again

While budgets are shrinking, the mandate to communicate with constituents has never been stronger. Government conferences: there are just too many, they’re too expensive, and they’re of too little value. Add this to the recent headlines about overspending on lavish accommodations — as well as the ongoing belt-tightening — and the conclusion is painfully clear:Read… Read more »

VA’s CHCO resigns in wake of conference scandal – DorobekINSIDER 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Sick of going to one government bureaucracy for a service only to get passed along to another and yet another? Wonder why government doesn’t communicate across agencies to provide a centralized service to you? New Zealand came up with a solution. You’ll meet the man behind it. Click here for theRead… Read more »

SUSOPS Project Blog #3: The Silver Lining of a Cloud-Based Conference: Financial and Expanded Benefits of the Virtual Meeting

By Lance Simon and Judith Nielsen In February, 2012, the United States Forest Service held a hybrid conference that was 96% remote, 4% on-site and 100% successful. It saved the Agency almost a million dollars in costs, doubled attendance rates, helped it “walk its talk” by saving hundreds of metric tons of CO2 emissions,Read… Read more »