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I would’ve eaten glass to get this job

Moving to the bureaucracy from the world of NGOs, for me, meant serious growing pains. I really, really wanted a job in the public service. I would have eaten glass in sharp, jagged pieces to make my casual position a permanent job — if my manager would’ve asked. I did whatever I was told, evenRead… Read more »

When APPS and AppStore Have Nothing to Do with APPLE – The Joy of Government Program Acronyms

Authored by Micheal Mullen Government’s long list of acronyms often comes with unintended (or perhaps intended) double meanings. While our first role is to help GovWin members find new opportunities that best suit their company’s specialties, here are a few program names that caught our eye as we were searching through the INPUT database. ForRead… Read more »

Let Sellers Talk to Buyers Early in Procurement

This piece was originally published for Bloomberg Government on 03/11/2011. The Obama White House announced plans in December to transform the way federal information technology projects are managed and executed. Its 25-point implementation instructions to federal agencies include many good ideas, from the adoption of light technologies and shared services to aligning the budget andRead… Read more »

Myth Busters Campaign in Full Swing to Improve Public/Private Sector Communications

As part of an effort to reform the federal acquisition process for technology, US Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, unveiled an ambitious 25-point plan for addressing many of the issues that plaque the way the government purchases technology in hopes of delivering more value to the taxpayer. Part of the implementation plan was to counter theRead… Read more »

The SBA 8(m) Woman-Owned Small Business Program, Decoded [Infographic]

I don’t know about you, but certain aspects of the Small Business Administration’s new Woman-Owned Small Business Program (also known as the SBA 8(m) program) that took effect on Friday, February 4th seemed a bit confusing. Things like: Is the 8(m) program related to the 8(a) program? (No.) Is my Woman-Owned Small Business in anRead… Read more »

With Regards To Financing A Company, Think Vanilla

When it comes to sales and marketing initiatives the name of the game is to stand out. Typically the goal is to be unique and different from the crowd of competitors. But with finance the opposite is true. It does not pay to do things like carve your own path if you expect to getRead… Read more »

This Valentine’s Day, We Only Have Eyes for Crushing, Crippling, Awe-Inspiring Debt

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and like most of you, I’m planning to write a bad check for piles and piles of gifts. I’m not sure what, really. I won’t keep much track. Even after I buy them, I’ll probably be a little fuzzy on what exactly I paid for. And when theRead… Read more »

Communications Are Vital to Improving Acquisitions

Two opposing views have emerged this week regarding communications with industry. According to Sen McCaskill (D-MO), chairwoman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Contracting Oversight Subcommittee, the current relationship has apparently clouded the judgment of contracting officials to the point where objectivity has been compromised in contract award decisions. During a recentRead… Read more »