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Procurement Innovation Challenge Now Open: Share Your Story

What have government agencies done to innovate procurement systems? What creative measures have been taken for successful procurement reforms? If you have a great story to answer these questions, bring it to the Procurement Innovation Challenge. The Challenge has just launched and invites members of the GovLoop community to share experiences in innovative approaches, processes,Read… Read more »

How To Find A GSA Schedule That Fits Your Needs

Making a determination of if a GSA Schedule is right for you can done by doing your research.GSA currently has over 15 categories of federal schedules that cover a wide range beginning with supplies and services to wild land fire and equipment so you have a lot to choose from. Once you locate the scheduleRead… Read more »

White House Calls Federal Agencies’ BLUF: Says Use Plain Language

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 called on federal agencies to simplify the language used in issuing rules and regulations. As a part of the Open Government movement, federal agencies were to use plain, common English in official correspondence rather than writing in government-speak – a language commonly known for using a dozen words whereRead… Read more »

Contract Management not Sexy, but Necessary

A recent Defense Department inspector general report found that contracting officers and their representatives (COR) at the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity need to step up their game when it comes to improving contract performance and acquisition outcomes. The report shins a light on a reality hitting many procurement offices, where the intense workload,Read… Read more »

5 Must Haves In A Contractor Teaming Agreement

I have explained to you what a contractor teaming agreement is and how it is used in an earlier post here. Now I want to provide a few tips on specific elements that you must have in your agreement. A CTA is a valid contract that is meant to define the duties that are toRead… Read more »

Top 10 Books for Civilians Working with the Military

If you work in the defense industry or are looking to break into the defense business, a lack of military experience can be a major drawback. Fortunately, dozens of authors have come to your aid with books that can help you learn the ropes – and language – of your military colleagues. Read this articleRead… Read more »

Hints for Government Contracting Results

Search out Federal Bids You must put forth the time to identify the projects or orders, I encourage using a service along the lines of BidSpeed to automate wherever possible. Go after projects that are expiring and emerging for renewal. It is valid that many RFQ’s these days are already highly determined by one company,Read… Read more »

Evernote: Productivity Tools For Government Contractors

I know I normally write about about GSA Contractsand federal government Marketing, but I figure if you are reading this you are a federal government Contractor or employee and continually hunting for productivity tools. I have already been using Evernote for a few years now, but only recently has the impact of how useful thisRead… Read more »

How to Tell It’s Time to Leave Your Current Contract

The world of contracting has its benefits, not the least of which is the option to try new opportunities and experience new challenges. Along with the benefits, however, are a few drawbacks. The most pressing, especially in these economic times, being the potential for contracts to come to an end, and sometimes rather quickly. StabilityRead… Read more »

Getting an Entry-Level Security Clearance Job

A few tips, tricks and sympathy on breaking into the security cleared workforce, from one of our contributors: So, you want to get into the clearance world? As someone who has faced this challenge the past couple of years, I do not claim to have all the answers but I have observed a number ofRead… Read more »