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General Services Administration in the News

factors change so quickly nowadays in federal acquisition, and the General Services Administration (GSA) is no exemption. although, is it important for contractors to keep told on federal topics? And how do contractors keep up on the most up-to-date GSA news? This blogpost will focus on these questions. Is it important for contractors to keepRead… Read more »

Companies Favor Cleared Candidates

It won’t come as a surprise to most cleared professionals or hiring managers – despite improvements in clearance processing times, companies still prefer to hire already cleared candidates. This is good news for professionals who already have clearances, bad news for those who don’t or who are anticipating needing a higher-level clearance at some pointRead… Read more »

3 Tips to Gain Access to Government Contracting

a firm can significantly increase government sales opportunities by tapping into the General Services Administration (GSA). By getting onto a GSA schedule, a company can possibly minimize competition and save time. For example, GSA Schedules 84 & 70 let state and local governments buy from GSA contracts, removing competition from other integrators not on theRead… Read more »

GSA Sales vs. Total Government Contracts

During the prior 4 years, GSA sales have largely risen, even with monetary shrinking of the federal budget. After 2+ years of steady sales growth and percentage-of-sales growth, there was a small dip in 2011. Below are the figures, and even lower are the editorials and projections. GSA Sales vs. Total Government Contracts it’s difficultRead… Read more »

Is Your Office Being Sabotaged?

Do you ever feel like your workplace is being sabotaged? Well, it just might if any of your colleagues are adhering to a formerly classified Office of Strategic Services document, the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual.” America’s enemies will always innovate and the intelligence apparatus has always sought to evolve to counter changing threats. The sabotageRead… Read more »

Even with a “Seedy” Past, Can I Still Get a Security Clearance?

The short answer is, yes – security clearance investigations take into account something called the “whole-person” concept. So mistakes in the past – be it serious debt, or even a felony offense – will be considered in light of the person you are today, and the circumstances behind the conduct. So, if you’re a governmentRead… Read more »

Win a Free Conference Pass to Excellence in Government

We hope to see many GovLoopers at the Excellence in Government Conference taking place at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. next week! With an excellent line-up of speakers and a number of interesting topics to cover, it will be a great opportunity for those across government to gather, discuss and collaborate. In thatRead… Read more »

How to Grow Mushrooms in the Office

Before you think this article is one you perhaps shouldn’t be reading as a government professional, let me define office mushrooms for you. I’m not talking about the fungus, but rather the saying about how some companies treat their employees – keeping them in the dark and feeding them garbage. It’s a good way toRead… Read more »

How To Create A GSA Schedule Sales Query

If you haven’t learned by reading my posts I am very adamant on performing your research before you get into handling a GSA contract. Although you can use sales queries after obtaining a GSA contract it would be best to create a query before. This is another way of making a determination if a GSARead… Read more »