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Should You Disclose Your Security Clearance?

Within the contracting community, the word on the street is that individuals should mention their clearances on their resumes to be more attractive to potential employers. In the context of the job market, this makes sense: a security clearance automatically makes an employee more valuable. claims that “an established security clearance can increase yourRead… Read more »

Lockheed Martin Teaming Suggestions via @govwinteam

Two main themes emerged from today’s Teaming Suggestions Webinar with Lockheed Martin’s Bob Gemmill: As a small business looking to partner with a large integrator, do your homework; and don’t be vague and tell a Prime that you can “do whatever they need you to do.” [Editor’s Note: Bob’s archived video can be found onRead… Read more »

Fixing IT Acquisition is About Execution, not Just Personnel

From The Acquisition Corner According to recent reporting by Federal Times on the state of federal information technology (IT) acquisition and program management, the Government is ill prepared to purchase and manage large scale IT programs due to poorly trained staff, and poor collaboration with industry. Certainly contributing factors, but the issues are much moreRead… Read more »

Executing Requirements Is Not A Zero Sum Game

As government watchdog groups continue to focus on ways to reform the acquisition process and create greater transparency, the issue of requirements seems to be a common denominator for many examples of waste, fraud, and abuse in federal procurement. Dr. Steve Kelman wrote on his Federal Computer Week blog The Lectern about approaching the issueRead… Read more »

Improving Federal Acquisitions: Let’s Do It Right

Over on Federal Computer Week, Dr. Steve Kelman has written several blog posts on The Lectern in a series of issues related to improving federal acquisitions and communications, specifically information technology projects. Although I have commented on the specific blog posts, I wanted to have a more in depth discussion here. Improving Federal IT AcquisitionsRead… Read more »

Procurement Efficiencies Through Multiple Award Contracts

From The Acquisition Corner As reported by Federal News Radio, The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) is pursuing several short-term initiatives to reign in the proliferation of multiple award contracts (MACs). “Progress has been made in improving some aspects of interagency acquisition,” said Jeff Zients, acting director of the Office of Management and BudgetRead… Read more »

Behind the Curtain: Communications in the Acquisition Process

From The Acquisition Corner With the end of the fiscal year comes the right of passage for government contracting personnel and contractors alike; the end-of year budget dump or as I like to call it, the end of fiscal year feeding frenzy. This time of year is characterized by the worst practices in federal contracting:Read… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Pedal to the Metal or Foot on the Breaks?

The Federal Government fiscal year 2011 budget indicates the intent to hire more federal employees. How many you ask? Over the next few years, the Center for Human Capital Information (who happens to be a member of the Portal for Talent Management in Government) indicates the number to be between 300,000 to 400,000 new federalRead… Read more »