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Evernote: Productivity Tools For Government Contractors

I know I normally write about about GSA Contractsand federal government Marketing, but I figure if you are reading this you are a federal government Contractor or employee and continually hunting for productivity tools. I have already been using Evernote for a few years now, but only recently has the impact of how useful thisRead… Read more »

Lowly CO Representatives Get New Attention and Status

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is turning its attention to a long-neglected function, that of the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, or COTR. Starting January 1, 2012, COTRs will simply be called Contracting Officers’ Representative, or COR. The switch from COTR to COR is much more than just a simple title change. It is aRead… Read more »

Should government employees “cool-off” before entering the contracting world?

A senate hearing earlier this week focused on Intelligence Community contracting presented several interesting thoughts. Most notably, a bi-partisan panel agreed with a CIA policy which prevents government employees from leaving the agency and immediately accepting contract work. Retirees are exempted. The whole idea is to prevent the “poaching” of the CIA’s top talent, whoRead… Read more »

Contractors Use Webinars, Social Media To Extend Their Voices

I originally published on GovWin Communication is an important aspect of any business, but how do new media tools affect government contractors seeking to team with others? In addition to social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter, there are additional tools like company blogs and webinars that all play a part in extending the voiceRead… Read more »

Job Search Blunders: How to Fail Your Phone Interview

Direct from the recruiter’s mouth we have these top tips on how to screw up your phone interview. Follow them the next time you’re hoping not to get the job. 1. Call from the office you’re still working at. And be sure to mention how much you hate your current job. Nothing says dedicated employeeRead… Read more »

Shutdown Delay Equals a Second Chance for Contractors

Authored by GovWin’s Lindley Ashline If you’re a government contractor, the two-week continuing resolution passed by Congress this week to temporarily prevent a government shutdown is a second chance to prepare for the consequences such a shutdown would bring. Experts at today’s Instant Webinar, “Surviving a Government Shutdown,” shared some background on how shutdownsRead… Read more »

Bidding On Government Contracts – Show Them The Money

One of the complaints small businesses make is Government agencies stick to bigger vendors and don’t try out new smaller companies. The reason for this, contract officers don’t like problems. If a contract gets awarded to a small vendor who proceeds to mess up the work, it means a headache and more work for theRead… Read more »

Roundup: Government Shutdown Looms – What it Means to Contractors

As March 4 draws closer, the likelihood of a government shutdown increases as Republicans remain steadfast in their commitment to deep spending cuts. Their resolve was exemplified by the House passing a continuing resolution on Saturday for $61 billion in cuts for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. Senate Democrats responded yesterday with a proposalRead… Read more »

Cloud Is No Passing Fad; Contractors Get On Board [Video]

In today’s GovWin webinar, “To the Cloud!,” a range of experts concurred: Cloud computing is no passing fad. The government agrees: Federal, state and local governments are clamoring for cloud services and guidance. The panel, which included a range of industry experts, discussed cloud computing as a concept, its security implications and what contractors canRead… Read more »

Inspector General Finds Power Grid Cyber Security Lacking

A report by the Department of Energy (DOE) Inspector General, released yesterday, revealed gaps in the way the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is implementing cyber security standards for the United States’ power grid. The audit revealed a number of issues with both the standards and their implementation. The implementation approach and schedule for criticalRead… Read more »