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Shutdown Ramifications (Part II): 3 Hidden Costs to Federal Workforce

Now that a semblance of normality has returned to Washington it’s time to ask an important question: What are the shutdown’s costs to the federal workforce? We know the tangible costs in terms of dollars. But what about the hidden costs which are more difficult to measure? In addition to lost economic productivity and America’sRead… Read more »

The Future of Online Citizen Services

Jimmy Fallon’s Nick Burns – Computer Guy captured a lot of what people loathed (and feared) about computer support techs. The signature line was the condescending command that Nick gave to his clients as they sat in front of their machines: “Move!” In the two years since those sketches, computers have migrated from our desksRead… Read more »

GovLoop Research Digest: 3 Government Focused Customer Service Resources

***Want more tips on customer service? Join us at the Data-Driven Citizen Engagement session next Tuesday, 9/10 at our GovLoop Virtual Innovators Summit – free rsvp**** There are some remarkable apps in the private sector changing the way customer service is being delivered. You can order a pizza from your phone, track delivery progress, payRead… Read more »

3 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Vent

According to a study conducted by the Society of New Communications Research, “59 percent of respondents say they regularly use social media to “vent” about their own customer care frustrations.” Social media has changed the way organizations (public and private) interact with citizens. Organizations can have people fill out surveys in under a minute, shareRead… Read more »

Best Practices for Government Customer Service

Providing an exceptional customer service experience is a key element of running any organization, from large corporations to non-profits to government agencies. Government agencies have to deal with issues raised by the public every day and be able to respond to constituents in an efficient manner. While seemingly a straightforward task, customer relations is aRead… Read more »

The Changing Face of Customer Service- What You Need to Know

Customer Service today is radically different than only a decade ago. In the mobile era, people are accessing government websites from their tablet, phone, home computer, work computer etc and expect a positive and seamless experience. They want to find accurate information quickly and easily. Furthermore, they want to interact with organizations in a varietyRead… Read more »