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8 Reasons Customer Service = Success For You and Your Agency

In your mind, good citizen engagement might not be that important. Sure, your agency tweets and engages occasionally online, but its not a focus or a priority. After all, it can’t really affect anything that you’re doing that much, right? Wrong. According to new data from Forrester Research, bad citizen engagement and poor customer service fromRead… Read more »

Keep Service Levels Up by Improving Revenue Streams

As consumers, we expect service, don’t we? When service lessens or is taken away from us altogether, we struggle to comprehend it. As a recent example, I went to the pharmacy the other day and learned that I couldn’t pick up my prescription since the pharmacists were out to lunch. “Who takes lunch anymore?” IRead… Read more »

How Much Would You Tip the Government?

Pollution. Poverty. Health. Infrastructure. These are just a few of the extraordinary challenges government face today. With increased citizens demands, coupled with decreased public resources, government is often placed in a very difficult position to adequately meet the needs of its diverse array of citizens. Throw Congressional gridlock into the mix and you have aRead… Read more »

It’s Time for Police Departments to Start Measuring the Customer Experience

In response to recent tragedies, many commentators have suggested requiring every police officer to wear a video camera and microphone at all times. Some activists even suggest that these videos be publicly live-streamed for maximum accountability. That’s not necessarily a bad idea, despite some technical, budgetary, and legal hurdles. Other commentators have pointed out thatRead… Read more »

Is Twitter the Right Channel for Responding to Customer Service Questions in the U.K.?

While social media has the potential to be a great add-on tool for customer service (communicating with the public through Twitter opens up possibilities for immediate interactions) most U.K. organisations are not using Twitter for direct stakeholder interactions. In fact, even though the majority of U.K. organisations have a Twitter account, only about a thirdRead… Read more »

The First Rule of the Government Customer Service Game: Steal the Citizen’s Playbook

Is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning excellent because he has natural talent or because he works hard? While the answer is probably a bit of both, the truth is that Manning just works smarter. Consider this excerpt from an article that illustrates Manning’s game preparation: Most great quarterbacks are remembered for how they play theRead… Read more »

The Future of Government Customer Service: 4 Trends to Watch

For GovLoop’s Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service, we asked more than 250 respondents to give us their opinion on customer service in government today and their predictions regarding its future. The guide explores the results from our survey in more detail, but for a sneak peek, see the highlights below. Basic Facts:Read… Read more »

Top 5 Customer Service Tips: Lessons From Philadelphia

In GovLoop’s Agency of the Future Guide to Customer Service, we provide you with tips and best practices for improving customer service in government. To unearth some of these recommendations, we interviewed Rosetta Carrington Lue, the chief customer service officer for the city of Philadelphia. Lue, over the past couple of years, has implemented threeRead… Read more »