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Run aRound Red Tape

True Confession: Yes, I’m bureaucrat. I prefer the term, civil servant — though that implies work is civil, doesn’t it? Au contraire. If I could give you one visual image to describe my experience in the government, it would be this one of Catherine Zeta-Jones from the 1999 movie “Entrapment”: No. I don’t look atRead… Read more »

Government Hiring and Recruiting: What will 2010 bring?

Originally posted by Monster Government Solutions on Unleash the Monster The start of the New Year has our team contemplating what 2010 will bring to HR departments across the government. Here are a couple of areas where we are sure to see a focus on in the coming year: o The hiring process. For aRead… Read more »

LFCC Chair, Linda Washington was featured on Federal News Radio this morning

Linda Washington, LFCC Chairperson, was interviewed on The Federal Drive with anchors Tom Temin and Jane Norris. The Federal Drive is the morning drive show on Federal News Radio heard throughout the entire Washington Metro region at 1500 AM and in Frederick at 820 AM. Federal News Radio covers both the Federal Government and thoseRead… Read more »

Are you an innovator interested in the application of the OGD in your organization?

That sounds similar to fishing doesn’t it? The waters of the Government are vast. The Federal Wave has created a main wave for collaboration on plan development to happen during the next 120 days; it is nice to know who innovators and those interested in creating are in terms of a shared vision for OGDRead… Read more »

For the Canadian Federal Government…some social media catch up suggestions for 2010

Ok Canadian federal government…it is starting to look a little bleak on the social media landscape from a leadership perspective. And I certainly don’t mean that dedicated, bright, and to a certain degree brave set of leaders who have been eschewing the value of social media in government for some time now. I am talkingRead… Read more »

Fed Thread A fairly (very?) new resource, of interest to those whose job includes checking the federal register. Nice layout and features. User-friendly. Also uses “Feed My Inbox” – another handy web tool.