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IBM report: Using Wikis in Government: A Guide for Public Managers

IBM The Center for Business in Government has just published my first research report on “Using Wikis in Government: A Guide for Public Managers” in their Using Technology section. You can download a pdf version of the report here. Here is a short description of the report from the IBM website: Public leaders face theRead… Read more »

New Book on Kindle – Internet Voting Now!

My New Book is now on Kindle – Internet Voting Now! Here’s How. Here’s Why – So We can Kiss Citizens United Goodbye! Like the horseless carriage 100 years ago, Internet voting is coming to the USA. Not only is it convenient and green, but security has been proven manageable by e-commerce. Security scaresRead… Read more »

What to do during #Shutdown? Women in SharePoint DC Networking Event 4/28/11

As many have mentioned here regarding the looming shutdown, focusing on resilency, positive outlook, and even beards are part of the game plan for many. For those not prone to growing beards (LOL) consider attending some of the tech and networking events you don’t have time to attend during overly busy work weeks. Here’s WomenRead… Read more »

How Do You Measure Your Digital Reputation?

This last week, The Boston Globe covered Klout scores in the “Ascent of Social-Media Climbers.” The article by Beth Teitell shows how important digital reputation tools have become in the “real world.” Teitell states that individuals have even been fired for low reputation scores. As a social media user (GovLoop and beyond), how do youRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Roundup: Week of February 25, 2011

The Veterans Administration takes steps toward an open source approach for patient records management, city government officials in Florida devise a unique way to protect the city’s IT infrastructure from hurricanes, TileMap offers government agencies a cost-effective custom mapping solution, and the Army studies the benefits of smartphones in the field, all in this week’sRead… Read more »

2011 Federal Open Technology Report Card

On January 13, 2011, Open Source for America (OSFA), published the results of a study measuring openness in government. The Federal Open Technology Report Card evaluated key indicators of open government and open technologies developed through online crowd sourcing and refined metrics outlined by the OSFA leadership committee. These included questions regarding public budgets, useRead… Read more »