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Immigration in the Age of #Social: Engaging at Home and Abroad

Good Morning GovLoop!! This next in the series of blog posts by Deloitte’s Immigration Community of Interest (iCOIN) makes the case for why going social would make immigration and citizen services more effective. A key point is the need for Federal agencies going social to interact with citizens, immigrants, and visitors: not just broadcast toRead… Read more »

Immigration in the Age of #Social: Do Not Risk Becoming Obsolete

Today is the third anniversary of my retirement from CIA. I’ve learned a lot in these 3 years. One particular plus has been getting to observe how this generation of knowledge workers is incorporating new tools to think and do differently. At Deloitte Consulting we’ve become advocates for the transformational impact of social and workRead… Read more »

Measuring the Unobserved

Law enforcement has it tough when it comes time to measure their performance. Their effectiveness can’t be just measured on what is reported. After all, the goal of most law violators is to not be caught! So how can we measure what we can’t observe? Cracking the challenge of measuring unobserved behaviors – drug smuggling,Read… Read more »

Calls for Papers: IJEP Special Issue on Immigrant Inclusion by E-Participation

From the e-DMR listserve: “SUBMISSION DUE DATE: February 1, 2012 SPECIAL ISSUE ON Immigrant Inclusion by E-Participation Guest Editors: Itir Akdogan, Mauri Kaipainen, Sonia Sousa, and Ilona Tikka INTRODUCTION:Immigrant Inclusion by e-Participation (IIeP) is a multi-stakeholder regional project that addresses immigrant communities and public authorities in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. The aims of the projectRead… Read more »

In a rapidly changing world, seconds count. You can’t miss this conversation.

It used to take years for revolutions to organize. The American Revolution took seven years; the Greek Revolution took eight years, and the French Revolution took ten years. Today, revolutions take only a few days. Consider the 82 day Orange Revolution; the 28 day Tunisian Revolution; and the 18 day Egyptian Revolution. In early November,Read… Read more »

North (Dakota) toward Home: Designing Diversity – an Integrative Incubator for “Individual Creativity” and “Interactive Community”

Confession time: I owe North Dakota an apology. About six months ago, in light of the economic pressures on government employees, budget cuts and downsizings, further calls for their jobs or at least slashing their pensions, I wrote a satirical “Shrink Rap” ditty called “The Reorg Rag.” It started: It can’t happen here, I haveRead… Read more »

Feds follow Arizona’s lead with proposal to require E-Verify for employers everywhere

The bill was heard Wednesday by a House Judiciary subcommittee, and would require U.S. employers to use E-Verify to check workers’ citizenship. It purpose is to create jobs for unemployed Americans by keeping illegal immigrants out of the job market, and would do nationally what Arizona has required of employers for several years — makeRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Trash-Talking Government

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for awhile now, and after meeting a couple of great guys from the US Customs and Border Protection yesterday at a recruiting event — I’m even more inspired to write about this subject! Not only that, but I suspect this is truly a timely piece taking into considerationRead… Read more »