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Focus Frameworks

Last Friday I attended a fascinating presentation, Why Do People Do Stupid Things? by Thomas Hoffman of PScience Associates. There was a lot of meat in his presentation, and the most valuable idea I took away is that there are a half dozen exercises I can do before taking action that will improve my resultsRead… Read more »

Become a Brilliant Communicator (Part 5 of 5): Stop Wasting Time in Meetings

Last week, GovLoop and YGL hosted a half day training event for up and coming government leaders, who heard from experts on the topics of career management, leadership, communications, and more. One of the sessions, titled “Become a Brilliant Communicator,” provided tips on communicating via email and telephone, giving and receiving feedback, and holding successfulRead… Read more »

Back Away From the Pronouns!

While pronouns have their place in the work world, writers want to maintain precision with their e-mails and memos to avoid confusion. So while I will concur that using pronouns can avoid verboseness, here are two pronouns to use sparingly and the reasons why. 1. Be precise rather than use “it.” If your memo reads,Read… Read more »

Maximizing Possibilities – CityCamp Experience

From amazing metaphors involving adorable puppies to reflections about how data can transform generalities into actions, I was fortunate to attend the first CityCamp held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 11/12/2011. This un-conference is designed to be more of an open exchange of ideas than the traditional professional conference that most of us are use toRead… Read more »

Is Gannett on right track to figure out online public comment?

If you’ve followed my blog or my tweets, or even come across them randomly, you would know I’m a big proponent of Gov 2.0, particularly in online communication between and among government and citizens. Going back to earlier years prior to Web 2.0, I was speaking and arguing for the need to replicate government online,Read… Read more »

Government’s ROI for Open Government

When you invest in something, you want to know how well your investment is paying off – your ROI. Well, citizens “invest” in government (and their community), so they want easy access to useful information about it. They want to see a return on their investment. But open government is not just beneficial for citizens;Read… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – April 22, 2011

It’s that time of the week where we let you know about some of the stories going on in the open government and technology space! Have any that should have been included? Share them in the comments! “White House unveils tax calculator designed to give taxpayers a receipt” (Nextgov) Here’s the White House’s blog postRead… Read more »

New York Public Meetings Now More Open

Change to the Law As of Friday (April 1, 2011), the following is now part of the Open Meetings Law [Public Officers Law, Article 7, Section 103, subdivision (d)]: “1. Any meeting of a public body that is open to the public shall be open to being photographed, broadcast, webcast, or otherwise recorded and/or transmittedRead… Read more »

Useful Alert! Resource Guide on Public Engagement

Woah…useful alert here! Ever go to a town meeting in person or virtually only to witness exploding emotion, frustration, and basically pandemonium? Turning these forums around into useful, productive, and encouraging experiences is the goal of the National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation. In October of this year, NCDD published a sweet Resource Guide onRead… Read more »