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Think On Your Feet: Rising to the Occasion of Standing Meetings

Ever feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland frantically rushing around the office exclaiming, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date/meeting?” Well, what if I told you there’s a way to help alleviate some of that hysteria and cut down meeting times with a little something called “Standing Meetings?” Riding onRead… Read more »

Building and Sustaining Teams

This week, I attended a 3-day federal supervisory/managerial training class on building and sustaining teams. Day 1 began with the facilitator explaining that we were to define our roles in teams behaviorally, by observable or measurable movement or activity.  In other words, we were to state the behaviors that we see exhibited in ourselves andRead… Read more »

Engage your Team with Liberating Structures

Are your workplace interactions motivating and engaging? Or stiff and stale? Other than email, in which format do most of your professional interactions take place? Presentations? Status reports? Discussions? Brainstorming sessions? Whatever your answer, ask yourself if the primary formats are particularly engaging or effective. If not, consider the contributions of “liberating structures,”  an innovation broughtRead… Read more »

5 Tips to Flip Your Virtual Event

I love the way this video clip portrays some of the communication barriers and group dynamics associated with virtual conferencing. For me, it also calls into question the format of most of our meetings. Virtual meetings often make it easier for more attendees to participate, and as a virtual worker, I get it!  But I also haveRead… Read more »

Top 5 Tips to Avoid a WOTM

It’s Friday at work and there is calmness in the air until the bell on your Outlook email begins to ring sounding off the start of your marathon of all day meetings. Meetings can be a great way to share information, connect with colleagues and obtain insight on leadership views when managed effectively. Yet, sometimesRead… Read more »

Revenge of the Socially Awkward

“Let’s begin the staff meeting, all right?” Everybody rustles to their seats. “How you doing Joe? How was your weekend?” “Good. We caught the football game. What a killer.” I do not like, watch or endorse football and am praying this does not devolve into a discussion. On my left Mary whispers, “Pass me aRead… Read more »

Meeting of the Minds

The mere mention of a meeting can send people scrambling for the solace of a long email chain. But meetings don’t have to be catalysts for eye rolls or iPhone games. Creativity is key. Within the EPA Innovation Team, we occasionally have walking meetings. I’m a big fan. Coffee meetings? Not as much. Despite meetingsRead… Read more »