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Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do it Right 6. Commuting and Her Virtual Sister.

By Andreas Muno More convenience for motorists and virtual queueing were some of the topics of last week’s post. We shall stick with traffic today for starters: As the time spent commuting increases with congested roads during rush-hours, costing Chicagoan and Washingtonian car commuters 70 hours of their lives every year, and $1,166 on averageRead… Read more »

Weekly Round-up: March 30, 2012

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Mobility means many things. GOV.Aol has three pieces on mobility: first, a reprint of a FedInsider article argues that in addition to thinking about hardware (all those shiny new iPads), agencies need to be thinking about the applications they’ll deploy on them. The next two articles are about (guess what?) mobile apps. AndRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right 5. Transact and Transform.

By Andreas Muno Reach your people when it matters” was the motto of last week’s post. This week, we shall look into mobilizing monetary transactions and applications for applications [I cannot resist puns, and will not apologize, either ]. More convenience for motorists saves cities money When citizens and employees requested online access to governmentRead… Read more »

Amazing Telepresence Demo at Government Solutions Forum

On to the last session at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum, lots of great content today and lessons learned to share back with the GovLoop community. The last session that I will be sitting in on is, Impacting Training & Development with Interactive Video..the Ripple Effect, this was part of the Mobile Collaboration track. ThroughoutRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right 4

By Andreas Muno Last week we discussed how smaller mobile devices have made it cheaper and easier for public security and field services workers to do their jobs efficiently. And, how as an added benefit, citizens have become more engaged and are taking some of the burden off of governments. This week we are goingRead… Read more »

How can federal agencies apply the 2012 Tech Trends?

Many of us may know that some of the federal agencies and its leaders are facing many challenges in today’s economy. Innovation has been identified to be a key change agent when facing these obstacles. Can these agencies embrace innovative technology to better meet their missions? The answer is YES, we currently see many federalRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right 2

By: Andreas Muno In the last post, we discussed how Government/Public Sector enterprises are the laggards in the mobility race. This week we’ll take a further look at some of the challenges that come from lagging behind and some of the benefits that come from embracing mobility. Security Agencies often try to prevent data leakageRead… Read more »

Government, Go Mobile in 2012. Do It Right

By: Andreas Muno Over the next few weeks, this blog series will explore the reason why government should go mobile, and identify strategies that have been successful. But first let’s discuss the state of government mobility. So, what are government organizations already doing? In the US for example, many federal, state and local agencies alreadyRead… Read more »