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The Quiet Crisis – Gov’s Woefully Inadequate Pay System

“Money, money, money” – that’s often the refrain you hear from federal civil servants, who feel they don’t get paid enough. Not nearly enough. Chris Dorobek calls the pay system, “woefully inadequate for the challenges of the 21st century.” A new report from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton agrees. The reportRead… Read more »

A Breakthrough Year for America

In last night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama covered a lot of ground around topics like jobs and the economy, immigration, education, and energy. As with many of these addresses in the past, regardless who was serving as our country’s Chief of Staff, there are several mixed reviews of what the President hadRead… Read more »

Fed Pay Freeze Thaws But Challenges Remain in Fight for Fairness

Here’s some good news for the federal family to start the New Year: at long last, the 3-year pay freeze has started to thaw! For the first time in over 36 months – or more than 1,000 days — hard-working and loyal federal employees will receive a scant 1% pay raise in Fiscal Year 2014.Read… Read more »

5 Post-Shutdown Silver Linings for the Federal Workforce

There’s been no shortage of negativity surrounding the government shutdown and near debt default – and for good reason. The federal family and the American people were badly hurt again for partisan political purposes. This shameful development should have never occurred in America, which prides itself on being the world’s role model for democratic governanceRead… Read more »

Shutdown Ramifications (Part I): America & the World

While the government shutdown is over for now, the calamitous costs to America and the world linger. The most blatant financial costs have resulted from a major “sucker punch” to the gut of the fragile U.S. economy. This occurred at an inopportune time for America. Like a boxer absorbing a knock out blow, we wereRead… Read more »

3 Potential Outcomes to Fiscal Stalemate: how and when will it end?

According to the so-called “conventional wisdom” in Washington, the current fiscal impasse should end any day now. This is especially true as Thursday’s deadline fast approaches for dodging a disastrous debt default. Moreover, the American people’s anger continues to grow over the government shutdown. But what is considered to be Washington wisdom these days mayRead… Read more »

DFAS: Troops to Receive Mid-Month Pay Despite Shutdown

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service says all military service members will receive their salaries and allowances for the current pay period by Oct. 15, Military Times reported Tuesday. Andrew Tilghman writes DFAS started processing the mid-month payroll as the Pentagon works to interpret a federal law that guarantees military pay during the shutdown. ARead… Read more »

How Non-Profits and Foundations Support Evidence-Based Government

Non-profits, foundations, and universities are enthused by government’s growing interest in the use of evidence and evaluation. They are chiming in with either support for government initiatives or undertaking their own initiatives. Some non-profits and foundations are advocates for the use of evidence-based decision-making in different policy arenas, while others advocate use of different toolsRead… Read more »

Four Evidence-Based Initiatives in the Federal Government

The Obama Administration has built on efforts from the Bush Administration to embed the use of evidence and evaluation in making funding decisions. There are now four different types of initiatives underway, or proposed, in a range of federal agencies. Within OMB, there is an active effort to catalyze agencies to develop and undertake aRead… Read more »

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are Minimum Wage Increases Really Affordable?

This one comes to us from today’s headlines of today’s USDoL Newsletter… The full text of these findings are quite interesting: Opinion Poll: Small Businesses Support Increasing Minimum And how would this bottom-up stimulus effect Govies? How many of us feel like they we have “more purchasing power” these days? Would this type of increaseRead… Read more »