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Redefining Success: Is There Only One Way To An Education?

The question of whether or not a college education pays has been rumbling on the sidelines of reform discussions for some years. It got a renewed kick in the rear this week when PayPal co-founder, Facebook investor and billionaire Peter Thiel offered 20 promising young people a $100,000 not to go to college and insteadRead… Read more »

OMB Guidance on Administrative Flexibility

It’s not always good news when OMB releases guidance to agencies late on a Friday afternoon. But in this case, it was certainly welcome news! On schedule, OMB issued a memo to agencies providing FAQs and a template on how to comply with President Obama’s February directive to agencies to loosen up a bit. PresidentRead… Read more »

Shutdown: Some Govies Still Get Paid – Do You?

Great article from GovExec that explains quickly how pay could work: Pay for SomeBy Emily Long As a possible government shutdown approaches, so too does the possibility of federal employees being furloughed and stuck without a paycheck. But some government workers could continue to receive their salaries as usual if new legislation garners congressional support.Read… Read more »

Hold Up, Wait A Minute, There Might STILL BE A RAISE IN IT!

That may be our good friend George W. in the picture, but according to Emily Long of Government Executive, there might still be a raise in it! The pay freeze won’t halt all raises! This is good news for military, U.S. Postal Service workers, and Postal Regulatory Commission employees. Long also states that the fridgedRead… Read more »

Inflated Federal Pay: Study Finds that Feds Earn 30 to 40 % More than Private-Sector Workers

…According to newly released Heritage Report.pdf Another article on the subject: Federal Employees Earn 30 to 40 Percent More than Private-Sector Workers, Study FindsTuesday, August 10, 2010By Matt Cover, Staff Writer Job seekers wait to register for a national career fair in San Francisco on June 28, 2010. Initial claims for unemployment benefits rose forRead… Read more »

Congress will debate TSP contributions this session

By Dorothy Ramienski Internet Editor Federal News Radio Good news came out of this month’s Federal Retirement Thrift Investments Board meeting, including news about how and when you might be able to contribute to your TSP account in the future. Tom Trabucco is director of external affairs for the Board and explains. Hear the entireRead… Read more »

NSPS discusses what’s next as controversial pay-for-performance system ends

Federal News Radio spoke with Tim Curry, the Acting Program Executive Officer of the National Security Personnel System. Curry recently took over after the departure of Brad Bunn. We asked him what comes next as the Department of Defense gets ready to transition out of NSPS. “What we’re looking at is trying to take theRead… Read more »

a talk that debunks effectiveness of pay-for-performance

I found the following talk to be incredibly thought-provoking as it relates to the gov’t’s efforts to increase worker productivity. This speaker shows how traditional incentives don’t work as assumed to when the work requires cognitive skills and creativity. On the contrary, those incentives have the opposite results! I highly recommend this video. Summary: CareerRead… Read more »

An Open Letter to President Obama: Change the Lens

I wanted to share a letter with the GovLoop Community written by one of our partners and featured change agents, Ken Miller, author of We Don’t Make Widgets: Overcoming the Myths that Keep Government from Radically Improving. The letter was published by Governing Magazine last month. I look forward to hearing your feedback on theRead… Read more »