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Making a Difference: Lessons from Peace Corps

In 1985, I joined the Peace Corps and began my service in Congo, Central Africa. I was an idealistic young man with a naively expansive view of my ability to help people and bring about meaningful change in their lives. The challenges and frustrations I experienced as a Peace Corps volunteer provided important life lessons… Read more »

Perspective Matters: 3 Tips for a Better Attitude

Before my current state government position supporting AmeriCorps programs, I spent two years working as a community development consultant in Madagascar, the large island off the southeast coast of Africa. While living and working in Madagascar — a country and culture so different from our lives here in America — I learned a lot about perspective. And perspectiveRead… Read more »

The Power Of Perspective

Sometimes simply talking about a concept doesn’t do it justice. Often it takes seeing something tangible to drive the point home. While we talk about agile development and more effective use of technology in addressing civic issues, when we see it in practice we begin to see what is actually possible, and understand the powerRead… Read more »