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The 6 Types of People You Need on Your Presidential Transition Dream Team

The presidential transition is a complex process of critical national importance. You need to assemble a formidable team to navigate the inevitable and, for some, unenviable work of the presidential transition.

7 Books to Help You Prepare for the Presidential Transition

Don’t wait until Election Day. Dive into these books to get prepared for the presidential transition.

Presidential Election: Voter Guide for Feds

Pay and benefits, jobs and management, the scope and size of the U.S. Government — these are some of the major issues at stake for federal employees during this Presidential election. The next Administration will impact the entire federal workforce and the future of Uncle Sam. Both candidates have laid out starkly different visions andRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Small donors make up the base of Santorum, Paul, Gingrich fundraising efforts

Are you excited about the candidacy of Rick Santorum? Ron Paul? Newt Gingrich? Looking at the percentage of small donors who have contributed to their campaigns, many voters are. What about Mitt Romney? According to fundraising numbers, not likely. Though Romney has by far the most funds raised at $63.2 million, he has the smallestRead… Read more »