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Make the 1st BlackBerry FAR App, Get $500

The Problem: The FAR is a pain to access by BlackBerry. The Solution: $500 of my own money will be awarded to whomever creates the first BlackBerry app that fulfills 4 simple, key requirements. The Requirements: (1) Be downloadable on the most common BlackBerry models, (2) be able to access or download the entire FAR,Read… Read more »

Portraying Government Procurement: Is It The Media Or The Culture?

From The Acquisition Corner Recent testimony by Steve Schooner, co-director of The George Washington University’s Government Procurement Law Program, and others before the House Armed Services Committee’s Defense Acquisition Reform Panel, helped paint the picture and made valid points about how the media portrays the federal acquisition environment and the current state it is in.Read… Read more »

OSD Joins the Navy/Sole-Source Fray!

In the days since my last post, William J. Lynne, Deputy Secretary of Defense, signed a policy memorandum covering the use of internet-based capabilities — including social media. Because of this memo, I listened to a blogtalkradio broadcast of an interview with Price Floyd, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. During his interview, IRead… Read more »


DAU has wonderful online courses – they’re the best I’ve taken so far. However, DAU has amazing features that are underused. These tools go beyond the classroom and promote memory retention and post-classroom learning. Awareness of and utilizing these DAU resources will improve your acquisition knowledge. (NOTE: if DAU sites say your or the site’sRead… Read more »

Battle RATS and Quiet Helicopters

Sterling Whitehead is a Contract Specialist, Acquisition Freak and loves Star Wars way too much. He also publishes a blog called All Things Sterling. Want to give our boys on the ground the best weapons, but want them to be affordable? Well, here are a few things that will peak your interest. Battle RATS ThisRead… Read more »

5 Surefire Ideas for Contract Professionals to Improve Job Hunting

This post gives you innovative ideas for getting a job in the contracts field. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, these ideas can help improve your reputation. Charlie Hoehn put together an e-book for getting a job in any field. Simply put, it is one of the most brilliant pieces of writing I’veRead… Read more »

Going from Better to Best in Gov 2.0: Map, Measure, Move Forward

Originally posted on The Better Buy blog. A couple of the key questions that agencies continue to ask about social media is “How do I make a business case for it?” and “How do I measure success?” Ultimately, those agencies that have answered these questions effectively – in advance of starting their project and allRead… Read more »

Contract Negotiating Lessons from Hell: the DMV

Every interaction is a negotiation, even at the DMV. You can use these lessons to strengthen your contract negotiation skills. Long lines. Paperwork. Inconsistent information. No smiling (in Virginia at least). Yes, the DMV truly is hell. And yet, there is help — use negotiation skills to make friends with DMV employees. It pays off.Read… Read more »