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Cell Phone PsyOps – How To Text Fear

Full article HERE at The Thin Blue Online As the conflict between Israel and Hamas keeps going, some new and not-so-new tactics are being used by each side – cell phone PsyOps (psychological operations). From Ynet News: The message read: “Rockets on all cities, shelters not protect, Qassam rocket, Hamas.” A source in Hamas militaryRead… Read more »

The Future of Government 2.0

Well before Obama actually assumes office on January 20th, those of us who follow new government media have already observed a proliferation of fresh perspectives on how emerging web technologies may be utilized by the next administration. Some people cite blogging as the key to reform (blogging drives the entire internet, right?) Others claim thatRead… Read more »

Harvard Update on Food Safety/Security

Hi, all – We’ve been working with regulators and industry over the past several months to figure out some high value, low cost, best next moves on the nation’s food safety issues. Topmost is getting the traceback during outbreak investigations fixed – make it faster and more accurate. Our status update is here, and aRead… Read more »