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EEOC Twitter Town Hall on Federal Sector; Wednesday, May 15 @ 1:00 (ET)

How much do you know about Federal Sector EEO? Have you ever observed or experienced discrimination, harassment or reprisal in the federal workplace based on race, color, sex, pregnancy, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or personal genetic information? If so, do you know where to turn to report unlawful activity? Are you familiar withRead… Read more »

An EPA social media success: ongoing participatory photo project

I get asked regularly for successful examples of using social media, so here’s one. Forty years ago, EPA hired photographers to capture our world, with a special focus on environmental issues. That was the Documerica project. For the past two years, EPA has invited everyone around the world to repeat that effort, sharing photos withRead… Read more »

Not Just for Fun Anymore: Why Social Media Should Be included in CyberSecurity Measures

The Associated Press Twitter hack might have been the wake-up call that we needed. Social media is a wonderful thing. It’s fast, reaching a large and diverse audience in no time and it provides a platform for interaction between an agency/company/organization/individual and its constituents/customers/patrons/fans. But that speed and distance could prove risky if a tweetRead… Read more »

Five Twitter Best Practices (Infographic) and “Twitter Political Hall of Fame (Shame?)”

Do you experience “Twitter mania” or have withdrawal symptoms when you’re not tweeting? So many social media users appear to be as addicted to Twitter as to their daily dose of java. However, do you know Twitter best practices? Have any of your followers “flown the coop”? What are your best practices on Twitter andRead… Read more »

Sequestration & Social Media

Well, sequestration is in our midst and there isn’t much that we can do about it. By now I’m sure you all have heard the many consequences sequestration will likely bring: Furloughs, longer lines at the airport, prison lockdowns higher risks of terrorism, women and children taken off of WIC… canceled white house tours! Well,Read… Read more »

#SOTU and Tweet Promotion: Lessons Learned

Last night’s State of the Union (SOTU) address joined a growing number of national events that was critiqued, promoted, and shared via social networks—especially Twitter. Twitter conversations for major events, discussions tracked along a hashtag, have increasingly become as entertaining as the event itself. Now with promoted tweets, major events like the Super Bowl andRead… Read more »

Social Media is Maturing: Nor Cal Public Agency paying $116 Annually for #CMGR

I don’t normally talk about what people make but I found this to be revolutionary. The Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, CA just posted a opening for an Administrator of Social Media & Electronic Comm with the following payscale. Click here for more information. SALARY: $46.01 – $55.93 Hourly $3,680.46 – $4,474.25 BiweeklyRead… Read more »

Pinning in Government: The Pinterest Revolution takes hold? Plus Your Weekend Reads

Welcome to GovLoop Insights Issue of the Week with Chris Dorobek where each week, our goal is to find an issue — a person — an idea — then helped define the past 7-days… and we work to find an issue that will also will have an impact on the days, weeks and months ahead.Read… Read more »