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Google’s Got Your Six

We celebrated Veterans’ Day last week with parades and much-deserved thank you’s for our veterans. This outpouring of support, however, is often not reflected in the civilian workforce where veterans have trouble finding jobs. Google wants to change that. Google believes that the best way to celebrate our veterans is by bringing them into theRead… Read more »

Predicting Famine Through Analytics

Starving children have depended on warnings made by a federal interagency group that has worked together for more than 25 years to help international aid groups by predicting where famines in remote regions are occurring. The Famine Early Warning System is an interagency network among federal agencies and the United Nations that began in 1985,Read… Read more »

Veterans Day: Fighting for America Means Not Having to Fight for Jobs

This Veterans Day there’s good news on the job front for vets. As our nation comes together to honor the many sacrifices of our courageous veterans, OPM reports the following: “In Fiscal Year (FY) 2012, the Executive Branch of Government hired the highest percentage of military veterans in over 20 years, surpassing the previous highRead… Read more »

Sen. Tim Kaine Introduces Legislation to Regulate Veterans Programs

Sen. Tim Kaine has introduced legislation to Congress in order to improve the education of U.S. military veterans, according to WTOP. The Servicemember Education Reform and Vocational Enhancement Act is intended to ensure that degree or training programs for veterans deliver what they advertise. According to Kaine, more than $30 billion have been invested inRead… Read more »

Collaborating to Make a Difference

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been in the cross-hairs of critics for delays in approving benefits for deserving veterans. Recent reports suggest that VA has turned the corner and is reducing its backlog. One factor: greater collaboration with veterans service organizations. In May, the VA announced a partnership with two veterans service organizations —Read… Read more »

DoD, VA Pool $107M Into Brain Injury-PTSD Research Efforts

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have jointly invested $107 million for medical research efforts focused on treating mild traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Research organizations will work to develop new ways for diagnosing and treating the conditions under the five-year initiative, the VA said Aug. 10. Funding will back studies underRead… Read more »

Understanding the Federal Application is Not Easy!

Each day I receive many phone calls about the frustrations of applying for a federal job. Being a good listener and a compassionate heart is needed to ease the stress of each frantic caller. I always reply “I know what you are going through.” After having been a government contractor for over 10 years, IRead… Read more »