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First 5: Advice from Millennial to Millennial

I know what you’re thinking. Another millennial blog? There’s already so much out there. It seems like all we do these days is talk about millennials. But hear me out: I think it’s an important time to discuss what it means to be a millennial pursuing a government career. When I started as a researchRead… Read more »

5 Career Lessons from My First Half-Marathon

Recently I completed my first half-marathon, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half, in Alexandria, VA. It was an amazing feeling to complete a goal I had been working toward both physically and mentally for several months. It wasn’t such an amazing feeling immediately after the race…I’m still a little sore! But that’s beside the point. Reflecting onRead… Read more »

Ohio-Based Mission Essential Personnel Raises $11,500 for Veterans First Foundation

On Friday, October 8, 2010, Mission Essential Personnel, LLC (MEP) sponsored a fundraiser for Veterans First Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps Columbus-area veterans with needs ranging from free clothing to prosthetics, and from rides to the veterans hospital to temporary housing. The event raised $11,500 for Veterans First. “This is the first time MEPRead… Read more »

First Time Attendee Gives Reports of the Cleared Job Fair on September 15th

Friends + employer support win over nerves Daisy W. woke up today not wanting to be here with us at our Cleared Job Fair in Arlington, Virginia. Noooo, it wasn’t about us … it was more about her own nerves. “I was really nervous to come here,” says Daisy. Thankfully, however, her buddies (for whomRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Boost Inclusion With Customer Experience Data

In customer experience management, one way to improve inclusion and increase trust is to consider overlooked or underserved individuals. Here are a few practices for CX professionals and federal leaders who want to foster inclusivity as they improve customer experience.