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Agency Transitions: What happens when the Executive Director leaves?

Nonprofit Organization (NPO) Executive Directors often enter an agency with one objective – a need to bring the organization to its full potential or to maintain the success of the organization. Executive Directors uphold their position for years; so when they decide to pursue other opportunities, the organization, its board members and key stakeholders mustRead… Read more »

The Global, Mobile Enterprise Era: Transform Your Presence

2011 has shown that not only are mobile strategies effective in growing a business globally, they are imperative. As our knowledge of mobile marketing begins to grow, so do the statistics: * 250 million people access Facebook through a mobile device; those who access through a mobile device rather than a PC are twice asRead… Read more »

Social Media Trending Up Among Nonprofits

Our intern Patrick just wrote his first blog post for us! Check it out! Nonprofit organizations looking for a cost-effective way to engage their supporters often turn to social media. According to the 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report, of the 11,000+ Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) surveyed, 92% utilize social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube andRead… Read more »

Determining the Type of Website Best Suited for Non-profits

Most industries (i.e. legal, medical, finance, etc.) prefer their content management solution be customized to meet their specific needs. Non-profit organizations prefer that their solution be customized as well but they face a difficult hurdle: funding. A non-profit organization’s yearly budget lies solely on the generosity of donors and grants that are awarded by statesRead… Read more »

Creating a hub for your city – Where are people going to find your information

Cities often face difficulties when determining which outlets they will utilize to broadcast information. Ideally, a city’s information would be broadcast directly from one spot – or “hub” to the source. In most cases, however, cities maintain several entities on the Web such as social networking sites and blogs. Cities must execute a successful strategyRead… Read more »

Government Crisis Management

It’s not about putting a “spin” on the story; it’s about reporting the truth – first. Crisis management in a government, city, or organization requires a team of tactful professionals and a crisis management plan in place prior to an incident occurring. In no way should the tactics include putting a “spin” on the story,Read… Read more »

How a Great Web Design Can Make People Love Your City

The basis for a majority of city websites is to disburse information to citizens in a timely matter. Though information distribution is the foundation behind implementing a city website, the design can in some cases, have as much impact as the information itself. In Robert Brunner’s book Do You Matter? How Great Design Will MakeRead… Read more »