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How-To: Edit,, and even

Yes, that’s right folks…you too can edit these websites right now, live, and change the page however you see fit! Has the Government wikied out? Wait, you don’t see what I see (click the image to the right) I actually DID edit the site. No, I didn’t hack it either. I used a simple,Read… Read more »

Following Your Employees on Twitter

For those of you that run official government Twitter accounts, do you also follow your employees’ personal twitter accounts from your official one? Some businesses in the private sector follow their own employees. This helps with the idea of being more transparent and open. However, with government accounts are there any downsides to do so?Read… Read more »

Diversifying Your ^Digital Portfolio

I just read a post on GovLoop about having to find a balancing act between your work and home lives and it got me thinking more about this with my own life. Now, I’m not a financial planner/money guy, but when it comes to your investment portfolio, you’re often told to diversify in order toRead… Read more »

First Experience with YouTube Caption Uploads

Yesterday, Google put out a post about the new beta caption upload feature in YouTube. This morning, I decided to put it to the test with all of the videos that we’ve uploaded to our USGS YouTube Channels. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with how the captions have been synced. The files I uploaded were text-onlyRead… Read more »

Flash and the iPhone?

Cross posted from JustAGovy So here’s a completely random thought. I happening to catch an article about the new message Adobe presents on it’s site when you visit it from an iPhone. Yes, seems Adobe is a bit ticked off at Apple…still. But what if there’s a good reason Apple isn’t moving on the additionRead… Read more »