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10 reasons why online social media are critical to democratic governance (pt. 2)

Yesterday, I posted the first five of 10 reasons why the Web and particularly Web 2.0, also known as social media are critical to sustain and advance democratic governance processes in the United States. Today, I list reasons 6-10. The Web has transformed and continues to transform how government operates, especially in its relationship withRead… Read more »

10 reasons why online social media are critical to democratic governance (pt.1)

The Web has transformed and continues to transform how government serves and relates to its citizenry. With the spread of broadband internet access now in 66% of American homes according to the Pew Research Center, some futurists have predicted that without access to the web, citizens may eventually lose touch entirely with the ability toRead… Read more »

Are we there yet? Gov 2.0 is still… 2.0

Note: This is an edited version from my blog Just think. The iPhone is getting ready to release its fourth generation. Microsoft has launched its third Windows OS in five years, and we’re into a third tech-savvy US President, but Gov 2.0 is still Gov 2.0. Having spent many years in this field calledRead… Read more »

New Position, New Challenge… BTW, need feedback on project

Hello GovLoop members! I want to inform you I have taken a position with the Collins Center for Public Policy as director of online strategies. I’m also soliciting feedback here on a policy project utilizing the Web for education and public outreach. Known as a “’Think Tank’ with muddy boots,” the Collins Center’s mission isRead… Read more »

Governments’ success with new social media depends on success with old engagement methods

[Note this is a cross post from my blog, the original (with links & images) can be found here.] Transparency, open government, e-government, Gov 2.0 are all terms to describe government’s new relationship with citizens in the age of the Internet, particularly using the social media technology solutions of Web 2.0. Many believe in itsRead… Read more »

Jane & John Q. Public’s “Year-End (2009) Gov 2.0 List”

There are some great “year-end” blog posts and articles reviewing e-Gov, or government via the Internet. This year, it is mostly about Gov 2.0 — stories or benchmarks for expanding collaborative technologies of Web 2.0 across the public sector. All of these articles come from practitioners, intended for reading/discussion among other practitioners. What’s missing? HowRead… Read more »

The Difference between Open Government and Open Governance

Is the federal government up to the challenge of citizen engagement with the public on an individual basis? Is it too much to expect an institution with an annual budget of three trillion dollars and as the nation’s largest employer with close to two million employees ready to go one-on-one with John or Jane Q.Read… Read more »

Citizen Connectivity – Local Governments provide insight into need for Web 2.0

I just read NSCL’s Gene Rose’s post in the State Thicket, “Are Budget Challenges Affecting Public’s Satisfaction with State Governments?” Gene comments on the recent report from the Pew Research for the People & the Press and its finding that there is a sharp decline from 2008 numbers in the public’s opinion of their stateRead… Read more »