Friday Fab Five: Etiquette, Pay Freeze, Maxwell and More

Every Friday, we take a quick look back at the week and highlight members or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s who and what rocked it out this week. 5. The Most Commented Blog of the Week was Megan Price‘s Top 5 – Airport Etiquette. Megan has been traveling a lot lately and decided to… Read more »

Steve Ressler Visits the Maxwell School

Thanks to Professor Ines Mergel, my Public Organizations and Management Class had the opportunity to listen to a great presentation by GovLoop founder Steve Ressler. GovLoop is essentially a “Facebook for Feds,” it is a great social network that fosters collaboration for Government employees. Steve Ressler has been referred to as a Gov 2.0 “Rock-Star.”… Read more »

Tulsa Training Cybersecurity Experts to Defend America

This blog was originally posted It outlines a great program in Tulsa, OK that training the type of Cybersecurity experts the U.S needs right now to be leaders in the field. The following is the first few paragraphs of the article written by Siri Carpenter. Click here for the full article which I would… Read more »

GovReads (Author Interview!): The Science of Service – Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector

It always makes you proud when a member of your family does something awesome, right? Well, GovLoop has a member – Wendi Pomerance Brick – who’s about to release a brilliant book geared toward government on December 15. It’s called “The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the… Read more »

What do 100 MPAs Think about Government

I was honored to spend the last 2 days at Syracuse University with MPA and PhD students in Public Administration, IT, and Public Diplomacy. I had two lunches, 1 dinner, 2 coffee breaks with specific small groups of students, a career talk to 30 students, and a presentation to 100 students about Gov 2.0. I… Read more »

Top 5 – Airport Etiquette

Please Note: This post is an oldie but a goodie that we’ve brought back for your conversational enjoyment! ************************************************************************************************************************************************** Holiday travel is in full effect and after traveling through 15 airports this fall for the GovUp tour I was obligated to face my traveling pet peeves. In every airport it amazed me how impatient we… Read more »

Community Building: There’s an App for That

Around the holidays, when catching up with my extended relatives, I often get asked the question: “so…what’s the next big app?” I always secretly chuckle at this question because other than the fact that I’ve worked in and around technology for the lion-share of my career, I have no better likelihood of predicting America’s next… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: How To Inject Innovation into Local Government

Another day at the National League of Cities Congress and Exposition, another opportunity for insight. Right now, I’m in a workshop being led by Patrick Ibarra entitled “How To Inject Innovation into Local Government.” Ibarra is the Co-Founder and Partner of The Mejorando Group based in Glendale, Arizona. Here are some of my notes from… Read more »

Community Building: Do you Realize?

Here’s a common scenario. You’re part of a community. You put something out there. Something meaningful. You get a few comments back, but really wonder if you’re ever being heard or making any difference. In a world that loves to be measured…through comments, re-tweets, page views, etc., it’s pretty easy to size-up your impact through… Read more »