FHWA Social Media Policy Launched

Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration FHWA Social Media Web 2.0 Mgmt Par. What is the purpose of this directive? Is this a new FHWA directive? What is the background of this directive? What is the scope of this directive? What authorities were used in writing this directive? What is the definition of Social Media/Web... Read more »

Think Holistic, Act Personal

Wanted to share a cool post by Luis Gallardo, Managing Director, Global Brand & Marketing at Deloitte. Touches on thinking holistically and acting personally (versus Think Global, Act Local) to help businesses succeed in today’s global economy. Check out the original post on the Deloitte Perspectives Blog. March 15, 2011 By Luis Gallardo: Think Global,... Read more »

Daily Dose: Is Your Government Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

More than likely you don't fall under either of those two categories as 49 percent of Americans in a recent Washington Post-ABC poll stated that they felt "uncertain" about the future of the US government and how it works. Merely 26 percent said they felt "optimistic" and 23 percent said they felt "pessimistic." From our... Read more »

Mobile Government and Cybersecurity: Access Denied

Last week, I had the opportunity to host GovLoop's web-based training session entitled, "Common Mobile Challenges and How to Overcome," which featured insight from State Department's Gary Galloway and Microsoft's Steve White. We're hosting the second in the series this Thursday: Register for Part 2: "Go Mobile, Be Secure, Improve Performance" During last week's training,... Read more »

12 Ideas for Surfacing Top Talent With Social Media

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of presenting for the ACT-IAC Human Capital Special Interest Group. My working title was "Surfacing Top Talent with Social Media." I built on a previous slide deck, adding 6 examples of agencies and people using social media as part of the recruitment and hiring process. I'll let the slides... Read more »

Calling all Presidential Management Fellows!

Do you remember what it was like starting your two year journey as a Presidential Management Fellow? Remember the experience was a whirlwind of confusion and questions as you interviewed for a half dozen positions – some in agencies you had never heard of! I'm sure it did not get any easier when you had... Read more »