Member of the Week – Barry Everett

This week’s member of the week is Barry Everett, Web Infrastructure, Region 6, EPA. Since the start of GovLoop, Barry has continuously been posting interesting blogs, writing insightful comments, and teaching us about Virtual Worlds. I’ve always been a fan and wanted a chance to learn more about his story. So here we go: 1)Read… Read more »

Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom

Here’s a cool video, based on the fascinating book of the same title, that explains how organizations are starting to embrace Web 2.0 as a means of enhancing performance and delivering bottom-line returns. The battle is essentially one between horizontal networks and vertical institutions. Social networking is antithetical to traditional hierarchical power structures and thereRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Obama’s Cabinet Heads: Players or Props?

As President Obama spent much of his week touting the benefits of the economic stimulus package, he seemed to use his cabinet secretaries and some well-timed events as props and backdrops in what one might call “Obama Stimulus Roadshow.” Some examples: MONDAY • During a ceremony announcing his intention to nominate Kansas Gov. Kathleen SebeliusRead… Read more »

Memo to Our New Federal Chief Information Officer

By Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D. Vivek Kundra, Washington DC’s own CIO, has been appointed Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO). According to a Washington Technology article, Kundra “… plans to make the massive volumes of government data that isn’t sensitive available to the public through a new Web site, With more data available to theRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: USDA Contractor Disputes Charge of Political Favoritism

The man singled out during Wednesday’s White House press briefing as the beneficiary of a now-terminated contract with the Agriculture Department today disputed any suggestion that he was awarded the contract because of connections to the Bush administration, and cited his decades-long career as an agricultural economist as the main reason he earned a six-figureRead… Read more »

Stargazing in Virginia State Parks

You do not need to be a professional astronomer to enjoy all that space has to offer. There are quite a few things you can see without a telescope at parks in Virginia. The problem you may encounter around your house is something that is referred to as light pollution. This is caused by allRead… Read more »

Networking with a Purpose

Networking with a Purpose Looking for a fix for what ails you, might be as close as a phone call to your family members, friends, or co-workers. Many times the solutions to your problems exist within your inner circles….Maybe now they can help you, and then later on your might be able to help orRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Federal Union Boss Calls Limbaugh’s Comments ‘Unacceptable’

Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union that represents more than 150,000 federal employees, joined the fight against Rush Limbaugh this morning, criticizing the radio talk show host for his recent comments on President Obama. “Rush Limbaugh had the audacity to announce on national radio, ‘I hope he fails.’ Imagine anyone sayingRead… Read more »