Become a fan of the NYC Condom – on Facebook.

This is our newest forray into Facebook. It’s fun, so I’m sharing it. Become a fan of the NYC Condom – on Facebook. By visiting the new page you can send e-condoms to your friends, spread the word about safe sex and link to information on where to find condoms. The Health Department will also… Read more »

The Facebook Phenomenon – How Government is Getting Into The Act

Let’s face it, Facebook is huge. More than 150 million people around the world are now actively using Facebook and almost half of them are using Facebook every day. This includes people in every continent—even Antarctica. Now many government agencies are deploying their own version of this popular social networking site to share information and… Read more »

Help the Sunlight Foundation– What are your Top Ten 2.0 Tools?

Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation had mentioned on Twitter that she loved Tweetdeck and expressed an interest in learning about more 2.0 tools. The Sunlight Foundation whose ultimate goal is to, “… strengthen the relationship between citizens and their elected officials and to foster public trust in Congress” is working hard to bring… Read more »

GovLoop Survey – What Area Do You Work In?

The latest GovLoop survey question was “What Area Do You Work In?” The results are: 14.3% Workforce 49.0% Technology 4.1% Finance 25.5% Marketing/PR 7.1% Operations Pretty interesting findings. There are a lot of technologists on GovLoop which has sparked a pretty interesting discussion in the forums about it (Lots of Technologists Here). My thoughts are… Read more »

Economic Recovery Act, Let’s Get Transparency Right: The Importance of Citizen Based Network Transparency

Let’s get transparency right. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, passed this Friday the 11th, requires an extraordinary level of “transparency” on the part of federal, state and local agencies. Title XV embodies the transparency requirements. Section 1511 requires that all local and state governments receiving funding for infrastructure investment, must certify: “..that… Read more »

Possible Issues with Social Network(s) and the Federal government

A 4 Page (2200 word) PDF document, will require Adobe Reader to read Social Media and the Federal Government: Perceived and Real Barriers and Potential Solutions December 23, 2008 … As leaders of the Federal Web Managers Council, we’ve seen that social media in government has become the number one topic of discussion within… Read more »

Social Networks Description

ESPECIALLY as related to the government: Social Networks and Government What are Social Networks? Social networking sites are websites that connect people. In these online communities, people can join (for free) and at a minimum, establish a page with their profile. The most popular, MySpace and Facebook, also have groups, which are feature–rich chat… Read more »