In which I make a case for (a little bit of) Web 1.0 in the Government 2.0 world

I’ve been thinking about Dennis McDonald‘s thoughts about K-TOC. He wrote: “I guess I see an advantage to being able to easily differentiate between a web site that serves as an official portal, and a web service that facilitates a mix of formal and informal communication. The question is, how realistic is it to combine… Read more »

Would appreciate suggestions on what gov 2.0 topics you want to learn more about

Hi GovLoopers 🙂 I am strongly considering submitting a speaking proposal to The National Association of Government Webmasters for their upcoming conference. While there are various subjects I could pitch and speak to, would like to know what suggestions you have on perhaps what topics you believe are most helpful to learn more about. Out… Read more »

Contribute what you know and think to a gov’t social media survey

Andy Krzmarzick and Ari Herzog are two private sector folks who are speaking at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media in Gov’t conference at the end of March in DC. They’ve put together a survey, and they’d love for gov’t folks at federal, state, local, and international governmental agencies to share their thinking. They’ve promised… Read more »

A new Buzzword?!

AND Perhaps and invite to an Event! Drapeau: The rise of the goverati Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about social media technologies in Washington. Web 2.0 technologies such as WordPress, Twitter and Qik are taking communications and personal interactions into new realms. But one local trend in the field of social… Read more »

Web 2.0 Conflict

VERY GOOD (IMO) blog posting which although rather basic needs a whole lot more distribution… HOW TO: Deal With Social Media Conflict February 22, 2009 – 12:00 pm PDT – by Sharlyn Lauby No matter how knowledgeable you are and how much research you do, there will come a time when someone disagrees with… Read more »

Please help me write and teach about microblogging (esp. Twitter)

Last summer, the good folks at invited me to write up some info about microblogging. Since I’d recently started using Twitter, I was able to write some, and a few other folks we knew added info about other services. I then made some changes in December. However, since I don’t look at the page… Read more »

Participative Government: A Historic, Yet Fragile Opportunity.

This week I had an opportunity to speak with Chris Dorobek, well-known host of Federal News Radio. It was an important discussion because, like many, I have been reflecting mightily about how and whether the commitment to a more participative government will succeed, and if so, in what form. Though historic, the opportunity is fragile…. Read more »

Downtown Revitalization and Parking Planning – By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow When planning a downtown revitalization project the goal is to get people to come back to downtown and shop and spend money. Due to issues such as urban flight many people have moved into the suburbs and new businesses have sprung up there. Many lower income people have been stuck in the… Read more »

what municipal websites could be

Like other governments, local governments are often too comfortable with the “press release” mode of interaction with its publics. Gerry McGovern, a customer-service-in-government consultant sums it up: “Too many government websites tell us about the legislation they are enacting. We are victims of a tsunami of policies, procedures and publications in a language that is… Read more »