Management-A Presidential Priority

This interview with David Eagles is part of a DorobekINSIDER series with experts looking to help shape a management platform for the new administration. Check out all of the stories in the new series, Good Government Management, here. The current presidential race is in full swing and we’ve heard a lot of promises being made,Read… Read more »

5 Govie Stories You Should Read- Now!

The Mondays are usually hard enough as is. As the first day after a weekend, we tend to have a giant list of to-dos and not enough time on a Monday to do them. We decided to help compile a few noteworthy posts to make your life easier. Today’s DorobekINSIDER program will be your need-to-knowRead… Read more »

Learn Some State and Local Trivia!

Ever wanted to play on Jeopardy? Whether you have or haven’t, I’m sure you would love to to impress your friends and family with some newly acquired knowledge about state and local governments. In this week’s State and Local Spotlight we have some state and local fast facts for you.  Question: Where does the oneRead… Read more »

Training Evaluation: The Best Ways to Assess Success

You know how somebody with a hammer sees everything as a nail? After a dozen years measuring and assessing the impact of workforce training, I now have a hard time not seeing things from the perspective of the training evaluation models I use in my day-to-day work. When a situation arises that involves some sort… Read more »

Looking Ahead at Learning in 2016

This article was originally posted on Chief Learning Officer on January 22, 2016 by Cushing Anderson. Chief learning officers are constantly adjusting the tactics they use so learning has the most impact on their organizations. With a broad set of tools, topics and techniques, they must mix and match content and delivery options to addressRead… Read more »

The Silver Tsunami is Coming

This interviewee was featured in our recent guide, Understanding State and Local Government. To read the guide, click here.  We’ve all heard about the aging workforce. The state of Pennsylvania is no exception to the statistics that tell us that well over a third of their workforce will be eligible to retire over the nextRead… Read more »