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“Sweet GovTweets” – Thursday 19th March 2009 Edition.

Apologies in advance for missed tweets. @askthepresident our site is is live! #bipart #gov20 #askpres @sairy Check out @AskThePresident #opengov #gov20 @sairy Ask the President is up – #opengov #gov20 #p2 @debategraph @AskThePresident launching today #gov20 #bipart #sgp #rebelleft #tcot #p2 #fem2 #woc #lgbtq @arimelber: WE LAUNCHED @AskThePresident project today! Article:… Read more »

How to Initiate and Implement a Right-of-Way Program

Here’s an upcoming APWA course that GovLoop members who are involved in the transportation, civil engineering, or utility function of government may want to attend. It is very timely given the stimulus funding for infrastructure improvements. “Right-of-way…your way or the highway. Are you in control of your right-of-way? Do telecoms drill through your sewer manholes?Read… Read more »

Federal Eye: Could Crowdsourcing Help Control the Stimulus?

As the federal government starts doling out billions of dollars from the economic recovery package, there’s growing concern that officials will not be able to account for every project and every dollar spent. Should the government enlist everyday Americans with an Internet connection to help? Jerry Brito thinks so. Brito is a senior research fellowRead… Read more »

What Was Old Is New Again

In replying to a discussion to an article in which the author predicts the institutionalization of social networking sites by businesses (oh yuck!) it struck me that social networking sites are the new computer bulletin boards. For those too young to have been active in the computer community in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s,Read… Read more »

Government Job Prospects in the Current Economy…. Thoughts and Concerns

Hello … Some of my classmates and I had a discussion over lunch today about job prospects for MPA graduates in the next 12-18 months. Those of us that are not currently in the full-time work force would be by that time. As a someone currently working for the great (not so great budget) StateRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Team Player: Timothy Geithner

“We’re doing more in weeks than other countries do in years.” Treasury Secretary Timothy M. Geithner made that pronouncement earlier this week after meetings with lawmakers to update them on the administration’s recovery program. The not-so-subtle dig at the world financial community was part of his ongoing effort to convince his international counterparts that theyRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 – Meet the new Hype, same as the old Hype

Judas? Not quite Lest I be confused with non-web 2.0 enthusiast or, worse, proclaimed contrarian to the very type of forum where I’m contributing by this writing, let me offer a blatant caveat right up front here: I’m a web 2.0 advocate and believer, a regular social computing junkie, and generally optimistic guy. I useRead… Read more »

Transparency and Jack Bauer

Yesterday, Thad Juszczak, a director with Grant Thornton LLP, cross-posted an interesting piece he wrote for the AGA blog on March 4, talking about transparency in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (The Recovery Act). He writes (paraphrasing with his permission) that accountability — someone specific being responsible for achieving performance results– is different fromRead… Read more »