Why the Future of Open Hybrid Cloud Should Include a Serverless Approach

Agencies are discovering a new way to address application development: the serverless approach. This method allows agencies to execute cloud-based development environments on demand,and gives developers the resources they need to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Get your free copy of this new report to learn how serverless application development can boost agencies agilityRead… Read more »

The Importance of Visibility to the End User Experience

Agencies need to be able to gauge performance everywhere, at all times, across a complex web of legacy, mobile, cloud and shadow IT components. But agencies struggle with real-time end-to-end visibility into pain points and areas of underperformance. This means it can be difficult to quickly detect, diagnose and defeat problems before they impede productivity.Read… Read more »

Making IT Modernization a Reality for Agencies

Government agencies are facing ever-increasing challenges to modernize and engage with citizens and stakeholders through digital channels. But you can’t just flip a switch to become a digital government. Change like that takes new tools, new processes and a new way of thinking. Essentially, you need to transform the way you work. But with regulations,Read… Read more »

Your Roadmap to More Secure, Cost-Effective Print Management

In a 2009 survey of federal employees, the Government Accountability Office found that an average of $440.4 million was spent on unnecessary printing each year. Despite its astronomical cost, little effort was made to reduce this financial burden, even as government agencies found themselves needing to do more with less. But the growing prioritization ofRead… Read more »

Hybrid Cloud: A Path to IT Modernization

Increasing budget pressures and rising costs to operate and maintain government systems have forced agencies to take a hard look at their IT operations. Under the current administration, agencies are required to identify specific high-risk legacy IT systems and set a budget for system modernization. From a technology standpoint, two key drivers powering IT modernizationRead… Read more »

Data Center as-a-Service: The Gateway to Rapid IT Modernization

There’s a renewed focus across government to modernize legacy IT infrastructure — most of which is costly to operate and taxing for agencies to manage. Federal agencies have long grappled with the budget, acquisition and security challenges of maintaining aging hardware and software. But thanks to new laws such as the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT)Read… Read more »