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Cloud Computing and Virtualization Aren’t What you Think

Today I had the opportunity to listen to a discussion about cloud computing and virtualization of IT services: “The Future of Enterprise IT Architecture” with representatives from Cisco, VMware, and Barquin. Now most non-IT government workers, like myself, probably would think, “Why in the world would you subject yourself to something like that?” But fortunatelyRead… Read more »

Success Stories of the Cloud in Action

Live blogging from Cloud Computing Summit… Session – Success Stories of the Cloud in Action Draw the lines on cloud-what goes into it. not mission critical systems Nebula – NASA-Research class cloud-Looking to solve problems in the future-How cheap storage is-Everything in platform is open source and releasing it Customer and public facing information inRead… Read more »

High Availability Cloud is NOT the Answer

Cloud Computing providers, including the private sector and fee-for service public sector, are providing Government-specific infrastructure and platforms and are beginning to differentiate their services by providing pricing tiers proportional to availability SLAs. This trend appears to exploit the concept that mission-critical applications to be migrated to the Cloud have not properly considered Disaster RecoveryRead… Read more »

Virtualization and the Public Sector: “Greening” Government IT Saves Energy and Aids Compliance

Executive orders and “green IT” directives have trickled steadily out of Washington, D.C. in the past few years, culminating most recently with Executive Order 13514. Signed by President Obama in October 2009, EO 13514 builds on earlier legislation such as the “Green the Capitol” initiative, and, according to the White House, “…expands the energy reductionRead… Read more »

Space is the Place – NASA on Gov 2.0 Radio

If you’re looking for a glimpse into how earthpeople and their governments are evolving, what better way then to check into NASA’s two April appearances on Gov 2.0 Radio. This month, we’ll go coast to coast with conversation with Beth Beck about NASA’s social media initiatives, and Gretchen Curtis on the space agency’s pioneering cloudRead… Read more »

Demystifying Virtualization: Dramatically Reduce IT Energy Consumption, and Improve the Business of Government

Did you know that the average desktop computer uses almost as much power when idle as when it’s active? And the problem isn’t just restricted to the desktop. There are literally thousands of data centers across the globe stacked to capacity with inefficient, underutilized computer servers. In 2006, in the United States alone, datacenters consumedRead… Read more »

Thoughts from Microsoft US Public Sector Summit

Live-blogging checking out MS US Public Sector CIO Summit. Will continue to update. Some cool stuff: Big fan of the tablet – demoing had tablets used with photographs especially for special ed children. Always like multi-touch. Lots of focus on the cloud – Really seems the big push these days. Trends – Do more withRead… Read more »