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What’s After Facebook?

Nextdoor (city link) is a promising alternative web-based communications opportunity for local governments and other agencies with physically localized or contiguous client populations. Where Facebook taught us to talk to people all over the world who we will never meet, Nextdoor is re-training us to talk to our neighbors. Nextdoor operates by neighborhoods, and youRead… Read more »

Walking Helps Build Community

Over the summer I saw several notices about “walks with the mayor” in two different communities. While these efforts seem to focus on improving the health of people living in those areas by encouraging walking, I can see how these walks also have the potential to help build a strong community. (Photo credit: Mary R.Read… Read more »

What Will Your “I Will” Pledge Be Today?

Driving to work today, I was listening to a popular talk radio station that led discussions focused on September 11. Likely so, as today marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that changed our nation. Specific conversations on this radio show centered on effective methods to weaken terrorist groups, potential new attacks using biologicalRead… Read more »

9/11 Anniversary: Maintaining Vigilance on the Road Ahead

It has been 12 seemingly long years now since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 changed America forever. Thus as we honor the victims and pay our respects to their families, let’s also remember an unsettling but stark reality: America and our global interests are still at risk of massive terrorist attacks. Doug’s Story It hasRead… Read more »

Techies, Parties, and Success

Peter Corbett is the founder of DC Tech Meetup – a monthly meeting of the local community of techies and startups – to encourage demonstrations of latest technology and what’s up with the entrepreneurial community. It is soundly build on open source principles – sharing and advancing good ideas. DC Tech Meetup attracts over 1,000Read… Read more »

Harris County Shooting Puts iWatch In the News

Teamwork between different law enforcement agencies is one of the key concepts to keep children safe. This was perhaps the most discussed topic at a town hall meeting held by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office last night. By Lilia Bonilla The meeting was held at the North Campus of San Jacinto Community College. Representatives fromRead… Read more »

Government Social Media Community Managers

There are 44 positions on with social media in the job description and this will rise in 2013. Starting and carrying out these programs can be daunting but the number of qualified applicants for these positions is growing as well. As more and more public agencies migrate data and information into the cloud andRead… Read more »

Are You ‘Outing’ Yourself on Social Sites?

Defense industry and IC professionals be aware – just because you can list your employer on public facing social media sites doesn’t make it a best practice. Several intelligence community professionals are actually under fire today for ‘outing’ their status with the Belgium intelligence community through popular social sites. You certainly can still network online,Read… Read more »