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Do You Share?

With the Thanksgiving holiday being celebrated in the United States this week, let’s discuss what it really means to share with someone else. Hint: no money has to change hands.

Building Resilient Teams

No matter how savvy, smart, and cooperative your team, challenges can shake up any rhythm, discourage those involved, and derail progress. Resilience is the secret to learning from mistakes and growing stronger after a major challenge. Building resilience starts with team culture.

Social Media Ear Trumpet: Listening to Your Community to Design Relevant Content

By Jessica Havlak, ICF International It’s not so hard to think up fun ideas that we think might engage our audience… but who knows better than they what will be appealing? I’ve found that the best way to create engaging, relevant content is just to pay attention. Listen to what your community is talking about, and designRead… Read more »

Improving Police-Community Relations Before It’s Too Late

Civil unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore has local government leaders across the country concerned about police-community relations in their own cities and towns. While it’s true that larger cities with greater diversity – whether economic, ethnic, racial or religious – are more at risk, government leaders in cities of all sizes canRead… Read more »

How to Build an Active Community of Support on Facebook

By Jessica Havlak While working in what I’ll call the “white hat sector,” it can be a challenge to reach individuals with your message when they are almost as inclined to listen to their friends and family as they are to clinicians. Use this trust of peers to your advantage: engage them in a communityRead… Read more »