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CB2: Crowdsourcing Against Terror

Today’s CB2 will be brief, following a great time at the Philly GovUp last night. I came across a crisis-related article on CrunchGear last week that really piqued my interest: Which Cellphone Did The Yemeni Terrorists Use? If you’re not familiar with last Friday’s incident, explosive packages from Yemen arriving on air cargo planes wereRead… Read more »

Office of Implementation Assessment: Creating a Crowdsourced Virtual Agency

I believe that the best argument made by Eggers and O’Leary in If We Can Put a Man on the Moon was the need for lawmakers to consider how their proposals will be implemented when the programs are passed to the agencies. I was thinking about this when I was visiting the Woodrow Wilson Center’sRead… Read more »

Getting crowdsourcing right

Steph has a great post about crowdsourcing in government: It’s human nature to want to work on your own projects, rather than those imposed upon you. It’s human nature to want to earn recognition, intellectual satisfaction and a good living from your work. So instead of asking civil servants to sift thousands of ideas andRead… Read more »

Podcast: Crowdsourcing in Gov’t and the Enterprise, with Matt Greeley of BrightIdea

Listen to internet radio with Gov20Radio on Blog Talk Radio A conversation with Matt Greeley: BrightIdea has powered innovation campaign for the government of Ireland, City of San Francisco, and has a new contract with the U.S. State Department. It’s also the platform behind the $200 million GE “Ecomagination Challenge. We talk with company co-founderRead… Read more »

The Ethics of Public Participation

This post was originally published on the Intellitics blog on Thursday, August 5, 2010: The Ethics of Public Participation. Subscribe to our blog via RSS or follow us on Twitter. It seems the topic of ethics and integrity in public participation is coming up more often these days (see my comments here, here). Just forRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: Austin’s Crowd-sourced City Budget

This past week, while I was in Texas, I learned that the City of Austin has launched an innovative online tool for the public to provide comment about their 2010-2011 Budget. Community members will be able to vote on priorities for unmet service demands and potential service reductions as the City works toward formulating itsRead… Read more »

Shouldn’t the BP oil spill be a crowdsourcing “Grand Challenge”?

Obviously everyone is familiar with the incredibly tragic damage that continues to take place while I write and you read this regarding the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There will be plenty of time for everyone to weigh in on how this was allowed to happen and not able to be fixed when a solutionRead… Read more »

Open Foreste Italiane is Gathering Momentum

Wow – there is a great new article on Ushahidi’s blog about an application I told you all about recently, which encourages crowdsourcing to stop Italian forest fires before they start. This has huge potential to increase community resilience and assist current firespotting efforts in a nonintrusive way. A lovely video by Elena Rapisardi, theRead… Read more »