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New Report: Federal Ideation Program: Challenges and Best Practices

The IBM Center for The Business of Government, is pleased to present a new report, Federal Ideation Program: Challenges and Best Practices, by Professor Gwanhoo Lee, of the Kogod School of Business at American University. The focus of this report, “ideation platforms,” are modern tools predicated on an ancient axiom: “none of us as smartRead… Read more »

Four Approaches to Crowdsourcing

Is this a Golden Age for citizen involvement in government? As dismayed as some may be with the political process, there are growing opportunities for meaningful engagement in many areas, thanks to growing social media tools and a willingness to participate by many ordinary people. Gavin Newscom is California’s lieutenant governor, and was formerly theRead… Read more »

Crowdfunding Government

A few months ago, I had the privilege of outlining Citizinvestor‘s long-term vision for crowdfunding government projects at a TEDx event in Tampa, Florida. Here’s video of my talk: I would love to hear what you think about this idea! Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.

The Crowd and the Election

There are numerous ways that one can participate in and pay tribute to the electoral process, but what’s really nice is how many of the keyholders seem to be involving the crowd in this current election. For example, the National Journal recently made a call for better questions for the presidential debates. Among the numerousRead… Read more »

Dr. Kevin Desouza’s “ Using Competitions and Awards to Spur Innovation”

This post was written by Dan Chenok, and originally appeared on theIBM Center for the Business of Government Blog. Kevin C. Desouza’s “ Using Competitions and Awards to Spur Innovation,” examines the cross-government electronic platform,, through which agencies can pose problems and challenge the public to provide solutions. Cutting-edge government leaders are constantly seekingRead… Read more »

3 Crowdsourcing Services for Translating Your Website

Despite popular belief, English is not the universal language of the Internet. The U.S. Government knows this better than anyone, which is why they look to NAICS code 54193 to acquire the services necessary to translate .gov sites into multiple languages. What form do these services typically take? Direct contract labor of course, which isn’tRead… Read more »

Citizinvestor: Disrupting How Governments Fund Civic Projects

I am thrilled to be involved with an exciting new project called Citizinvestor (currently a candidate for Code for America’s Accelerator) and I couldn’t think of a better place to gain valuable feedback on the soon-to-launch product than right here at GovLoop. As you well know, there are countless local government projects that are notRead… Read more »

The future of startup funding and what it means for Gov 2.0

With the passage of the Jobs Act, small investments have become legal, allowing for a new wave of innovation in the sphere of company financing. Michael Norman, co-founder of WeFunder, spoke with Chris Dorobek about his new platform allowing for crowdsourcing investment in Gov 2.0. Smaller investments have the potential to reinvigorate Gov 2.0, asRead… Read more »