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ForgeMil liveblogging “Community development is a contact sport”

Guy Martin, Community Manager [email protected] @guyma @ForgeMil “Government community development is a contact sport” @guyma @ForgeMil #pfgov #gov20 Vision: Develop a streamlined software development process for GIG (Global Information Grid) DoD Approach: Collaborative environment supporting all stakeholders through the lifecycle Why are we doing this? (Community Rationale) Software code has become central toRead… Read more »

TSA IdeaFactory – Liveblogging Gov20 symposium

TSA IdeaFactory Tina Cariola, Program Manager, TSA Web-based tool empowering employing to submit ideas, provide comments on how to improve new concepts, etc. IdeaFactory launched in April 2007 to address 3 key needs: Engage employees — 50,000+ workforce spread all over the country Collect constant fresh input about how to improve safety and operations DisseminateRead… Read more »

Help the White House Sort Out!

Last week, Steve Ressler told you about an upcoming initiative to let the public shape the future of Building a portal where the public can monitor the dispersal of stimulus funds and progress of the economic recovery, transparently and in real time, is no easy feat. So, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, inRead… Read more »

Fundamental questions on government participation

I’ve been a political activist most of my life; researching the interaction between the Internet and social policy for a couple decades since I entered the computer field. So I’ve been trying to look beyond immediate tactical problems for fundamental dilemmas and decisions gov workers have to make. I’d love to get comments on thisRead… Read more »

Equity of Crowdsourcing for Political Issue Prioritization

A tweet came across recently about a website that is working to prioritize political issues at a local level based on people input (essentially similar to – share your idea). I think the idea of a non-partisan, transparent, framework for identifying and promoting the strength/concern of a particular issue is great…. unfortunately, I thinkRead… Read more »