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Photo of large flag unfurled across the Grainger Stadium infield during the National Anthem prior to opening game

Why It’s Time for the Government to be Part of the Public Conversation about Health and Health Care

While we are not in control of the conversation, government workers can still listen and contribute to it. We can seed it with facts and ideas. We can respond to questions. We can be human, even as we maintain a thoughtful and focused public presence. All by leveraging the power of online communications.

A Health System and Government Collaborate to Reduce Preventable Chronic Disease

Diabetes is a complex chronic disease, suggested to be caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral and environmental factors. According to the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (CDC), 8.1% of the adult population of Chicago is estimated to have diabetes, a trend that has remained relatively unchanged over the past ten years. In lightRead… Read more »