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Photo of large flag unfurled across the Grainger Stadium infield during the National Anthem prior to opening game

Why It’s Time for the Government to be Part of the Public Conversation about Health and Health Care

While we are not in control of the conversation, government workers can still listen and contribute to it. We can seed it with facts and ideas. We can respond to questions. We can be human, even as we maintain a thoughtful and focused public presence. All by leveraging the power of online communications.

A Health System and Government Collaborate to Reduce Preventable Chronic Disease

Diabetes is a complex chronic disease, suggested to be caused by a combination of genetic, behavioral and environmental factors. According to the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (CDC), 8.1% of the adult population of Chicago is estimated to have diabetes, a trend that has remained relatively unchanged over the past ten years. In light… Read more »

Protecting Public Health with Smart Data

From clean water supplies to the polio vaccine, the most effective public health interventions are typically preventive interventions and policies that help stop a crisis before it starts. However, predicting the next public health crisis has historically been a challenge. Thanks to new technologies, we innovate age-old public health workflows and methods of analysis. We… Read more »

Public Health Podcasting

For those of you who are avid readers, you know that I’ve occasionally been doing video posts on the blog. (Here’s the first one from earlier this year.) They’re going … okay, I think. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and am finally getting it done this year. It’s been… Read more »

Drunk Pictures Aren’t Just For Facebook Anymore

Thermal imaging technology in development could one day allow photographers to determine, amongst other things, whether their subjects have been drinking to excess. As reported by Government Technology, currently similar technology has been used at international border crossings, helping to determine if travelers have been infected with influenza or SARS. This technology is being adapted… Read more »

The Interrupters: Anti-Violence on Valentine’s Day

One of the critically acclaimed films that I’ve heard quite alot about over the past several months, is The Interrupters. Part of the RWJF funded CeaseFire Chicago project, the film looks at preventing violence through the lens of public health. How awesome is that? Violence as a disease. Brilliant. Here’s a video of one of… Read more »