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PRIME Leadership – Trend 5: Efficiency

This is part of a series called “PRIME Leadership,”* examining six trends driving government. It was originally published by Dan Chenok on the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. Fiscal austerity will be an enduring challenge for public managers for the foreseeable future, but it can also create an environment and incentives toRead… Read more »

Exploring How Enterprise Content Management Improves Workflows and Organizational Efficiencies

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology is helping to transform how government delivers services. The post below briefly highlights ECM technology and the benefits of ECM. Government is certainly in a transitional period as to how services are delivered, and core to this transition is freeing government of the burden of paper, and placing workers, staff,Read… Read more »

Air Force Case Study: Cost Savings from Modernizing Technology

Everywhere you look technology has been implemented to help government agencies cut costs and improve efficiencies. At all levels of government, agencies are working to cut and streamline services. Amidst a staggering economy, agencies are continually pressed to meet increasing demands from citizens, while funding resources becomes increasingly scarce. Ultimately, many agencies have looked towardsRead… Read more »

Can a Basic Agreement Improve Supplier Relationships and Save Your Agency Money?

Watching the World Series, my colleague John Coombs, CFCM and Fellow, was struck with a baseball analogy to explain the power of the little-used Basic Agreement. He writes: What if Giant Gregor Blanco’s Game-Two bunt trickled to a stop but there was no base line to indicate if the ball stayed fair? How could BlueRead… Read more »

Fourth Annual SAVE Awards

Another year, another opportunity to tell the Obama Administration how to save money. Federal employees can submit their efficiency ideas in the 4th annual SAVE Award competition. The winner will be invited to the White House to present his or her idea to the President and the top ideas will be included in the Administration’sRead… Read more »

Be More Energy Efficient with Google Apps

There has been a lot written about the benefits of moving to the cloud. In particular, how it can reduce IT and labor costs, while increasing productivity. One benefit not often highlighted is energy efficiency. According to a new Google research report, a typical organization can achieve energy savings between 65-85% by switching from locallyRead… Read more »

Digital Communication Best Practices Guide Now Available

GovDelivery just released a new guide – Public Sector Digital Communication Management Best Practices: The Critical Role of Email – that details tips and strategies culled from more than 500 state, local, federal and international government organizations. Government Technology recently ran an articlewith some strategies from this guide. With all the buzz around social media,Read… Read more »

Efficiency sucks. What we need is good work

Efficiency is the path to bigger profits. Efficiency is good. Everyone needs to be efficient. Right? Wrong! Efficiency sucks! For knowledge workers – you and me – the case against efficiency is overwhelming. ‘Efficiency’ is one of the weasel-words of management-speak, constantly misused and we are all worse off for this. In an effort toRead… Read more »