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Green IT Best Practices

This newsletter focuses on Green IT and the growing awareness that governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations need to better manage their use of technology in an environmentally responsible manner. As large purchasers of electronic products and services, they have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to provide leadership through environmentally sound practices and cost-effective, life-cycle managementRead… Read more »

Solar Energy Webinar a Success!

The USMS Webinar On Solar Energy Measurement Needs was held on April 21, 2009. From the webinar’s page on the USMS Website you can: • Download the webinar presentations and audio file • Participate in the preliminary solar energy measurement needs review/questionnaire • Download the reference list for the solar sector assessment • Link toRead… Read more »

Webinar: Measurement Needs for Solar Energy 4/21/09

The US Measurement System Office is hosting a webinar: Alternative Energy Webinar Measurement and Standards Needs for Solar Energy Technologies Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Time: 1:00 PM (ET) Length: 90 Minutes Cost: Free Agenda Introduction to the Webinar & Measurement Knowledge Hub Objectives for Today Summary of Solar Energy Measurement Needs Methodology Sources MajorRead… Read more »

Hanging Out Day

No silly, I’m not talking about playing hooky from school or work! I’m referring to Project Laundry List’s efforts on April 19th to educate communities about energy consumption, “Right to Dry” legislation, and most importantly, how to save money and energy by utilizing a clothesline. So what exactly happens on Hanging Out Day is thatRead… Read more »